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October 07, 2022
Arizona State University - Tempe Campus
9:00am - 1:00pm W. P. Carey School of Business
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Bruce McHenry, South Mtn

Tanaya Dempsey, ASU

Michele Pfund, ASU

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  AWC Business Administration (BUA)
  AWC Entrepreneurial Education (ENT)
  AWC Finance (FIN)
  AWC Paralegal Studies (LAS)
  AWC Logistics (LGS)
  AWC Management (MGT)
  AWC Marketing (MKT)
  AWC Quantitative Business Analysis (QBA)
  CAC Accounting (ACC)
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  ASU Business (BUS)
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  ASU Economics (ECN)
  ASU Entrepreneurship (ENT)
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  ASU Legal and Ethical Studies (LES)
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  ASU Supply Chain Management (SCM)
  ASU School of Sustainability (SOS)
  ASU W. P. Carey School of Business (WPC)
  NAU Accounting (ACC)
  NAU Administration (ADM)
  NAU Business Administration (BA)
  NAU Bachelor Business Administration (BBA)
  NAU Economics (Business Economics) (ECO)
  NAU Nonprofit and Social Entrepreneurship (ENT)
  NAU Entrepreneurship (ENTY)
  NAU Finance (FIN)
  NAU Information Systems Management (ISM)
  NAU Personalized Learning Management (MGMT)
  NAU Management (MGT)
  NAU Marketing (MKT)
  NAU Personalized Learning - Service Management & Leadership (SIMY)
  UA Accounting (ACCT)
  UA Business Communications (BCOM)
  UA Business Administration (BNAD)
  UA Economics (ECON)
  UA Entrepreneurship (ENTR)
  UA Finance (FIN)
  UA Management and Organization (MGMT)
  UA Management Information Systems (MIS)
  UA Marketing (MKTG)
  UA Operations and Supply Chain Management (OSCM)
  UA Personal and Family Financial Planning (PFFP)
  UA Retailing and Consumer Sciences (RCSC)




Carie Allen, Mesa Community College
Maria Bailey Benson, South Mountain Community College
Bradley Baird, Arizona Western College
Mark Barton, Scottsdale Community College
Jennifer Bishop, Northland Pioneer College
Patrick Blackwater, Diné College
Mariana Bosch, Northern Arizona University
Edmund Bushman, Yavapai College
Preston Cameron, Mesa Community College
Sherlyn Celaya, Phoenix College
Lynn Clark, Paradise Valley Community College
Galen Collins, Northern Arizona University
KarenSeth Colwell, Cochise College
Lily Davidov, Rio Salado College
Clarissa Davis-Ragland, Estrella Mountain Community College
Vaun Day, Central Arizona College
Christopher Demaline, Central Arizona College
Christine Drake, Northern Arizona University
Margarita Fate, Cochise College
Mike Fox, Eastern Arizona College
Adam Gifford, Coconino Community College
Jane Hall, Pima Community College
Gayle Haro, Central Arizona College
Kathy Hunter, Chandler-Gilbert Community College
Heidi Hutchins, GateWay Community College
Juanita Irvin-Fraley, Diné College
Erik Jones, Mohave Community College
Ed Knecht, Coconino Community College
Vivian Knight, Pima Community College
Marc Lafond, Arizona Western College
Eric Mapp, University of Arizona
Brenda Maynard, Phoenix College
Bruce McHenry, South Mountain Community College
Roy Nelson, Arizona State University
Cassandra Ott-Kocon, University of Arizona
Anne Pagel, University of Arizona
Rakesh Pangasa, Northern Arizona University
Michele Pfund, Arizona State University
Gina Pinch, Rio Salado College
Sue Sandblom, Scottsdale Community College
Bhaskar Singh, Mohave Community College
Amanda Smith, Arizona Western College
Brian Smith, South Mountain Community College
Stacy Smith, Paradise Valley Community College
Kortney Song, Estrella Mountain Community College
Alex Steenstra, Northern Arizona University
Scott Stroher, Glendale Community College
Greg Swan, Chandler-Gilbert Community College
Kendra Swensen, Glendale Community College
Richard Toler, Mesa Community College
S. Annette Torrey-Banks, GateWay Community College
Tiffany Viggiano, Tohono O'odham Community College
Neal Wade, Tohono O'odham Community College
Tina Wixom, GateWay Community College