Course Equivalency Request

Course Equivalency Request

Please check the Transfer Credit Guide to see if your course has already been evaluated.

If you have attended an Arizona community college, your courses already have evaluations.
Please see the Course Equivalency Guide (CEG) to determine course transferability.

Please contact the Math department directly for course evaluations.

One submission for each course.
* Transfer Credit Guide: I have checked the Transfer Credit Guide first to see if this course has already been evaluated.
* Current or Intended UA Major:
* Student Name:
Student ID: If you do not have one, please leave blank
* E-Mail Address (UA preferred):
* College/University: Name of college or university where course was completed/will be completed
* Have you taken the course yet?:
* Course Prefix: * Course Number: * Credit Hours:
* Course Title:
* Term Taken: * Year Taken:
* Suggested UA Course Equivalent: Enter the UA course you believe this course is equivalent to.
* Attachment: Please attach a copy of the syllabus in either .pdf or .doc format. It must include the textbook used, a list of topics covered each week, the number of lecture hours per week, the number of lab hours each week (if applicable), and the topics covered in the lab each week. You may have to contact a faculty member if you do not have this information.

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