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October 18, 2024
Rio Salado College - Tempe
10:00am - 2:00pm
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(669) 900-6833 or (646) 876-9923
Meeting Code: 856 6966 1319

David Morris, Eastern

Tyler Record, ASU

Shawn Korman, Rio Salado

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Melissa Bunte, Mesa Community College
Devon Burr, Northern Arizona University
Michael Canham, Scottsdale Community College
Ralph Chamberlin, Arizona State University
Dahwei Chang, Arizona Western College
Russell Cox, Mohave Community College
Joel Daniels, Northland Pioneer College
Chad Davies, Coconino Community College
JoAnn Deakin, Cochise College
Dwain Desbien, Estrella Mountain Community College
Owen Dix, Mesa Community College
Ethan Dolle, Northern Arizona University
Casey Durandet, Paradise Valley Community College
Diane Dutkevitch, Yavapai College
Farah Farah, Mohave Community College
Sean Flaherty, Chandler-Gilbert Community College
Brian Gleim, Glendale Community College
Jenny Hall, Paradise Valley Community College
Kevin Healy, Mesa Community College
Sanjiv Jha, GateWay Community College
Dennis Just, Pima Community College
Hamidou Keita, Tohono O'odham Community College
Rob Klinger, Phoenix College
Shawn Korman, Rio Salado College
Pat Lopez, Northland Pioneer College
Angela McClure, Estrella Mountain Community College
Drew Milsom, University of Arizona
David Morris, Eastern Arizona College
George Muncaster, Scottsdale Community College
John Murray, Diné College
Carole Nisr, Phoenix College
Karen Preston, Eastern Arizona College
Wayne Pryor, Central Arizona College
Arlisa Richardson, Chandler-Gilbert Community College
Scott Sawyer, Pima Community College
Christopher Scott, Cochise College
Kurt Stangel, South Mountain Community College
Maxim Sukharev, Arizona State University (Polytechnic)
Clark Vangilder, Central Arizona College
Sara (Sally) Watt, Glendale Community College
Keith Watt, Glendale Community College
Charles Wolgemuth, University of Arizona
Patrick Young, Arizona State University