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October 06, 2023
Chandler-Gilbert Community College - Pecos Campus
8:00am - 10:00am
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(669) 900-6833 or (646) 876-9923
Meeting Code: 819 6954 4812

Tina Schuster, UA

Kimberlyn Carovillano, Maricopa

Pamela Woodbury, CGCC

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Sotero Alvarado, Arizona Western College
Brian Beaudrie, Northern Arizona University
Jennifer Broatch, Arizona State University
Andy Burch, Estrella Mountain Community College
Brian Burson, Northland Pioneer College
Marta Civil, University of Arizona
Laurel Clifford, Mohave Community College
Beverly Demaline, Central Arizona College
Alejandrina Garza, Central Arizona College
Catherine Hart, Arizona State University
Alexander Henderson, Northland Pioneer College
Diane Hirsch, Phoenix College
Angie Hodge-Zickerman, Northern Arizona University
Mobarak Hossain, Tohono O'odham Community College
Maxie Inigo, Coconino Community College
Jennifer Jameson, Coconino Community College
Lucas Johnson, Eastern Arizona College
Patrick Jones, Cochise College
Donald Jones, Arizona State University
Gary Kellgren, Paradise Valley Community College
Kathryn Kozak, Coconino Community College
Maya Lanzetta, Coconino Community College
Shaodong Lin, Tohono O'odham Community College
Catherine Louchart, Northern Arizona University
Leslie Loy, Arizona State University
Diane Lussier, Pima Community College
Frank Marfai, Phoenix College
Matt Melito, Cochise College
Chris Miller, Glendale Community College
Miriam Pack, Glendale Community College
Paul Prueitt, Diné College
Steve Roark, Cochise College
Daphne Rossiter, Mesa Community College
Andrea Schaben, Yavapai College
Tina Schuster, University of Arizona
Renee Shanly, Arizona State University
Mary Sibayan, Pima Community College
Robert Sims, University of Arizona
Fida Sleiman, Arizona State University
April Strom, Chandler-Gilbert Community College
Judy Sutor, Scottsdale Community College
Jen Switzer, Pima Community College
Stefania Tracogna, Arizona State University
Dolores Urbieta, South Mountain Community College
Douglas Walker, GateWay Community College
Chendge Wang, Diné College
Chengde Wang, Diné College
Laura Watkins, Glendale Community College
Pamela Woodbury, Chandler-Gilbert Community College