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September 22, 2023
10:00am - 1:00pm

Audio & Visual Meeting:

Audio Only:
(669) 900-6833 or (646) 876-9923
Meeting Code: 826 9427 8687

Robert H. Martin III, Scottsdale

Derek Shank, Central

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  AWC Exercise and Wellness (EXW)
  AWC Physical Education (PED)
  AWC Physical Education Management (PEM)
  AWC Physical Education Recreation (PER)
  AWC Wellness Education (WED)
  CAC Physical Activity (PAC)
  CAC Physical Education (PED)
  CAC Physical Education/Health (PEH)
  CAC Physical Education/Varsity Sports (PEV)
  Cochise Health & Physical Education (HPE)
  DINE Physical Education (PEH)
  EAC Health and Human Performance (HHP)
  EAC Health & Physical Education (HPE)
  MCCCD Exercise Science (EXS)
  MCCCD Health Science (HES)
  MCCCD Health and Wellness Coaching (HWC)
  MCCCD Physical Education (PED)
  MCCCD Recreation (REC)
  MCCCD Recreational Program Management (RPM)
  MCCCD Sports (SPT)
  MCCCD Wellness Education (WED)
  MCCCD Yoga (YOG)
  NPC Health & Physical Education (HPE)
  PCC Fitness and Wellness (FAW)
  PCC Fitness & Sport Sciences (FSS)
  Yavapai Exercise and Wellness (EXW)
  Yavapai Physical Education (PHE)


  ASU Exercise and Wellness (EXW)
  ASU Health Education and Health Promotion (HEP)
  ASU Health Sciences (HSC)
  ASU Kinesiology (KIN)
  ASU Public Health (PBH)
  ASU Recreational Therapy (PRM)
  ASU Sports Science & Performance (SSP)
  NAU Athletic Training (AT)
  NAU Biological Sciences (BIO)
  NAU Fitness (FIT)
  NAU Fitness Wellness (FW)
  NAU Health Sciences (HS)
  NAU Physical Education (PE)
  UA Physical Education (PE)

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Jim Bagnall, Eastern Arizona College
Lyle Bartelt, Estrella Mountain Community College
Debbie Craig, Northern Arizona University
Shelby Davis, Central Arizona College
Devi Davis-Strong, South Mountain Community College
Jennifer Fay, Mesa Community College
Karyn Fought, Rio Salado College
Nancy Gamboian, Pima Community College
Karen Gregory-Mercado, Arizona State University
Dale Heuser, Paradise Valley Community College
Kristin Hoffner, Arizona State University
Brenda Hosley, Arizona State University
Micki Hrncir, Arizona State University
Lynn Johnson, Northland Pioneer College
Michelle Jung, Mesa Community College
Nancy Kiernan, Arizona State University
Robert Kline, Scottsdale Community College
Kristen Konkel, Northern Arizona University
Michelle Lee, Northern Arizona University
Lisa Lewis, Glendale Community College
Charles Lohman, Yavapai College
Joe Marsit, Arizona State University
Robert H. Martin III, Scottsdale Community College
Kasondra McCracken, Arizona State University
Kimberly McGee, Chandler-Gilbert Community College
Laurie Mook, Arizona State University
Jane Peabody, Arizona Western College
Kelly Ramella, Arizona State University (Downtown)
Christopher Ramos, Arizona State University
Chris Repka, Northern Arizona University
Joshua Schmidt, Yavapai College
Seth Schutte, Pima Community College
Louise So, Glendale Community College
Jason Swank, South Mountain Community College
Greg Trone, Chandler-Gilbert Community College
Tatum Voeller, Paradise Valley Community College
Kortney Zesiger, Northern Arizona University