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October 20, 2023
University of Arizona - Tucson Campus
10:00am - 2:00pm
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(669) 900-6833 or (646) 876-9923
Meeting Code: 824 9755 9719

Maria Rodriquez, Central

Brandynn Supco, UA

Erin Whittig, UA

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  AWC English (ENG)
  CAC English Composition (ENG)
  CAC English as a Second Language (ESL)
  CAC Honors (HNR)
  CAC Literature (LIT)
  CAC Reading (RDG)
  CCC English (ENG)
  Cochise English (ENG)
  DINE English (ENG)
  EAC English (ENG)
  MCCCD English (ENG)
  MCCCD English Humanities (ENH)
  MCCCD Queer Studies (QST)
  MCCCD Writing Across Curriculum (WAC)
  Mohave English (ENG)
  Mohave Transitional English (TRE)
  NPC English (ENL)
  PCC Literature (LIT)
  PCC Writing (WRT)
  TOCC Literature (LIT)
  TOCC Writing (WRT)
  Yavapai English (ENG)


  ASU American Studies (AMS)
  ASU English (ENG)
  NAU English (ENG)
  NAU Personalized Learning English (ENGL)
  UA English (ENGL)
  UA English (ENGV)

The AZTransfer Steering Committee is leading an effort to reimagine the structure and requirements of the Arizona General Education Curriculum (AGEC) over the next 18 months. Learn more about this initiative and the progress made to date.



Jennifer K. Adcock-Shantz, Rio Salado College
Sheila Beeler, Paradise Valley Community College
Patrick Bixby, Arizona State University
Karla Britton, Diné College
Anna Canning, Coconino Community College
Colleen Carscallen, Coconino Community College
Edison Cassadore, Tohono O'odham Community College
Sherry Cisler, Arizona State University
Sandra Dihlmann Lunday, Coconino Community College
Pam Duty, Phoenix College
Maggie Golston, Pima Community College
Allison Gray, Coconino Community College
Emma Green, Diné College
Chris Hanlon, Arizona State University
John Hansen, Mohave Community College
Angela Hansen, Northern Arizona University
Mark Haunschild, Arizona State University
Sandra V. Holm, University of Arizona
Heather Horn, Chandler-Gilbert Community College
Ferdinand Hunter, GateWay Community College
Asao Inoue, Arizona State University
Craig Jacobsen, Mesa Community College
Kyle Jensen, Arizona State University
Ryan Jones, Northland Pioneer College
Erica Jones, Northern Arizona University
Brie Jontry, Diné College
Lauren Kelly, University of Arizona
Susie Kuenzler, Pima Community College
Alysa Landry, Diné College
Eric Lee, Arizona Western College
Susan Malmo, Estrella Mountain Community College
Jesse Maloney, Diné College
Jeremy Martin, Coconino Community College
Jacqueline Martinez, Arizona State University
Aya Matsuda, Arizona State University
Elliot Mead, Pima Community College
Ella Melito, Cochise College
Michael Moghtader, Arizona Western College
Irvin Morris, Diné College
Shaina Nez, Diné College
Clayton Nichols, Arizona Western College
Alex O'Meara, Cochise College
Jeff Ortiz, Scottsdale Community College
Karen Palmer, Yavapai College
Andrea Pringle Rivers, South Mountain Community College
Ken Raines, Eastern Arizona College
Debra Robinson, Diné College
Rochelle Rodrigo, University of Arizona
Maria Rodriquez, Central Arizona College
Renee Rude, Chandler-Gilbert Community College
Sarah Snyder, Arizona Western College
Kaitlin Southerly, Paradise Valley Community College
Michael Stancliff, Arizona State University
Michelle Stuckey, Arizona State University
Linda Sullivan, Arizona State University
Heidi Wallace, Tohono O'odham Community College
Orlando White, Diné College
Erin Whittig, University of Arizona
Erik Wilbur, Mohave Community College
Tenie Zarifian, Central Arizona College