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October 06, 2023
9:00am - 11:00am

Audio & Visual Meeting:

Audio Only:
(669) 900-6833 or (646) 876-9923
Meeting Code: 852 6603 9376

Bill Neumann, UA

Shelley McGrath, UA

Jeannie Copley, NAU

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  AWC Computer Information Management (CIM)
  AWC Computer Information Systems (CIS)
  AWC Computer Science (CSC)
  CAC Computer Business Applications (CBA)
  CAC Computer Information Systems (CIS)
  CCC Computer Information Systems (CIS)
  Cochise Computer Information Systems (CIS)
  Cochise Cisco Network Technology (CNT)
  Cochise Cyber Security (CYB)
  DINE Computer Information Systems (CIS)
  DINE Computer Science (CSC)
  EAC Administrative Information Systems (AIS)
  EAC Computer Science (CMP)
  MCCCD Business-Personal Computers (BPC)
  MCCCD Computer Information Systems (CIS)
  MCCCD Cloud Computing (CLD)
  MCCCD Cisco Network Technology (CNT)
  MCCCD Computer Science (CSC)
  MCCCD Information Technology Security (ITS)
  MCCCD Microsoft Technology (MST)
  Mohave Computer Information Systems (CIS)
  Mohave Computer Science (CSC)
  NPC Computer Information Systems (CIS)
  PCC Computer Information Systems (CIS)
  PCC Computer Software Applications (CSA)
  PCC Game Design (GAM)
  TOCC Computer Information Systems (CIS)
  Yavapai Computer Networking Technology (CNT)
  Yavapai Computer Systems and Applications (CSA)
  Yavapai Computer Science (CSC)
  Yavapai Web Related Studies (WEB)


  ASU Applied Computing (ACO)
  ASU Business Data Analytics (BDA)
  ASU Computer Information Systems (CIS)
  ASU Computer Science & Engineering (CSE)
  ASU Graphic Information Technology (GIT)
  ASU Software Engineering (SER)
  NAU Applied Data Science (ADS)
  NAU Computer Information Technology (CIT)
  NAU Computer Science (CS)
  NAU Cybersecurity (CYB)
  NAU Informatics and Computing (INF)
  NAU Information Systems Management (ISM)
  UA Applied Computing (APCV)
  UA Computer Science (CSC)
  UA Computer Science (CSCV)
  UA Cyber Operations (CYBV)
  UA Information Science & ESociety (ESOC)
  UA Games (GAME)
  UA Information Science, Technology & the Arts (ISTA)
  UA Library & Information Science (LIS)
  UA Management Information Systems (MIS)
  UA Network Operations (NETV)
  UA Operations and Supply Chain Management (OSCM)
  UA Software Engineering (SE)

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Brenin Angle, Eastern Arizona College
Bradley Baird, Arizona Western College
Janaka Balasooriya, Arizona State University
Sara Beakley-Mercill, Scottsdale Community College
Chris Bonhorst, Pima Community College
Burton Borlongan, Mesa Community College
Edmund Bushman, Yavapai College
Sherlyn Celaya, Phoenix College
Elliot Cherner, Chandler-Gilbert Community College
Komal Chhibber, South Mountain Community College
Mark Clytus, Tohono O'odham Community College
James Collofello, Arizona State University
Jeannie Copley, Northern Arizona University
Fay Cover, Mohave Community College
Jim Delaune, Pima Community College
Christopher Demaline, Central Arizona College
James Denney, Diné College
Suzanne Dietrich, Arizona State University
Eric Eckert, Estrella Mountain Community College
Patrick Farmer, Cochise College
Timothy Foster, Tohono O'odham Community College
Linda Friedel, Central Arizona College
Andres Gonzales, Central Arizona College
Rachelle Hall, Glendale Community College
Michelle Higgs, Cochise College
Diane Hirsch, Phoenix College
Wade Huber, Chandler-Gilbert Community College
Deborah Hughes, Yavapai College
Stephen Hustedde, South Mountain Community College
John Jackson, Scottsdale Community College
Scott Wyatt Johnson, GateWay Community College
Lamar Johnson, Yavapai College
Dennis Kibbe, Mesa Community College
Kara Kujawa, Glendale Community College
Raji Lauffer, Paradise Valley Community College
Russell Lewis, University of Arizona
James Loop, Paradise Valley Community College
Clare Manning, Phoenix College
Kurt Marley, Glendale Community College
Martin Marquez, University of Arizona
Duane Marshall, Coconino Community College
James McBride, Eastern Arizona College
Paul McCarthy, Arizona State University
Matthew McCarthy, Arizona State University
Tim McDaniel, Cochise College
William Meacham, Scottsdale Community College
Jennifer Merritt, Northland Pioneer College
Bill Neumann, University of Arizona
Glen Olson, Estrella Mountain Community College
Laura Owen, University of Arizona
Bethann Partin, Mesa Community College
Josh Pauli, University of Arizona
Sean Petty, Paradise Valley Community College
Tom Polliard, Estrella Mountain Community College
Mizan Rahman, Chandler-Gilbert Community College
Laurie Ralston, Arizona State University
Prema Rayappa, Chandler-Gilbert Community College
Philip Reid, Yavapai College
Sarah Rencher, Coconino Community College
Carlos Rodriguez, GateWay Community College
Kavous Roumina, Arizona State University
Nicolas (Nick) Rouse, Phoenix College
George Runger, Arizona State University
Ghaith Salman, Glendale Community College
Andrea Schauer, Glendale Community College
Clark Shipley, Glendale Community College
Lana Short, Chandler-Gilbert Community College
Robert Simms, Mesa Community College
Amanda Smith, Arizona Western College
Alex Steenstra, Northern Arizona University
Christopher Stevens, South Mountain Community College
Wallace Tagart, Phoenix College
Michelle Traveler, Rio Salado College
Meha Trivedi, Estrella Mountain Community College
Willis Tsosie, Diné College
Rick Vaughn, Rio Salado College
Feng Wang, Arizona State University
Henry Werchan, University of Arizona
Kyle Winfree, Northern Arizona University
Kuai Xu, Arizona State University
Li Xu, University of Arizona
Gavin Zhang, Northern Arizona University