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October 16, 2021
10:00am - 2:00pm

Audio & Visual Meeting:

Audio Only:
(669) 900-6833 or (646) 876-9923
Meeting Code: 832 2524 9698

Kari Durham, Cochise

Karen Dale, Cochise

Kari Durham, Cochise

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  AWC Biology (BIO)
  AWC Environmental Science (ENV)
  CAC Biology (BIO)
  CAC Environmental Science (ENV)
  CCC Biology (BIO)
  CCC Environmental Studies (ENV)
  Cochise Biological Sciences (BIO)
  DINE Biology (BIO)
  EAC Biological Sciences (BIO)
  MCCCD Applied Biological Sciences (ABS)
  MCCCD Biology (BIO)
  Mohave Biology (BIO)
  NPC Biology (BIO)
  PCC Biology (BIO)
  TOCC Biology (BIO)
  Yavapai Biology (BIO)


  ASU Applied Biological Sciences (ABS)
  ASU Biochemistry (BCH)
  ASU Biology (BIO)
  ASU Life Sciences (LSC)
  ASU Molecular Biosciences/Biotechnology (MBB)
  ASU Microbiology (MIC)
  ASU Plant Biology (PLB)
  NAU Biological Sciences (BIO)
  NAU Biological Sciences (BSC)
  UA Biochemistry (BIOC)
  UA Ecology & Evolutionary Biology (ECOL)
  UA Molecular and Cellular Biology (MCB)
  UA Microbiology (MIC)
  UA Physiology (PSIO)


Our 2020 Annual Report is now available. Download an electronic version or request a print copy.




Peter Brown, Mesa Community College
Aaron Burk, Eastern Arizona College
Silke Buschmann, Northern Arizona University
George Carpenter, Yavapai College
Joshua Caulkins, Arizona State University
Weiru Chang, Estrella Mountain Community College
Amanda Chapman, Phoenix College
Jordan Clarke, Pima Community College
Nathan Cline, Eastern Arizona College
Karen Conzelman, Glendale Community College
James Crimando, GateWay Community College
Kimberly Danny, Tohono O'odham Community College
Elizabeth Dunphy, GateWay Community College
Kari Durham, Cochise College
Frank Emanuele, Cochise College
Yvette Espinosa De Escobar, South Mountain Community College
Polly Foureman, Chandler-Gilbert Community College
Devin Fraley, Central Arizona College
Douglas Friedman, Coconino Community College
Mischala Grill, Pima Community College
Shelley Haydel, Arizona State University
Eleanore Hempsey, Northland Pioneer College
Susan Hoffman, Northland Pioneer College
Cynthia Hutton, Northland Pioneer College
Colton Kempton, Arizona Western College
Jeffrey Kingsbury, Arizona State University
Dalya Lateef, Arizona State University
Tom Lehman, Coconino Community College
Cayle Lisenbee, Arizona State University
Pat Lopez, Northland Pioneer College
Cydnee Ludt, Pima Community College
Shannon Manuelito, Estrella Mountain Community College
Melinda McKinney, Coconino Community College
Angela Mick, Glendale Community College
Teresa Newberry, Tohono O'odham Community College
Eric Osborn, Mohave Community College
Kimberley Patterson, Chandler-Gilbert Community College
Mary Puglia, Central Arizona College
Shan Qin, Northland Pioneer College
Cori Renshaw, Rio Salado College
Lisa Rezende, University of Arizona
Donald Robinson, Dine College
Mark Rosati, Phoenix College
Sara Sanders, Mesa Community College
Adriana Sartorio, Arizona State University
Udo Savalli, Arizona State University
Robert Semmler, Rio Salado College
Liz Slauson, Scottsdale Community College
David Smith, Northland Pioneer College
Mark Spencer, South Mountain Community College
Joel Stein, Scottsdale Community College
Christine Stevenson, Central Arizona College
Tatjana Thomas, Paradise Valley Community College
Francisco Villa, Northern Arizona University
Karen Watanabe-Sailor, Arizona State University