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October 20, 2023
9:00am - 11:00am

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(669) 900-6833 or (646) 876-9923
Meeting Code: 830 8980 3766

Sandra Brightwell, Central

Alecia Mooney, NAU

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  AWC Allied Health/ Nursing Assistant (AHE)
  AWC Community Health Worker (CHW)
  AWC Health Care Aide (HCA)
  AWC Medical Coding and Billing (MCB)
  AWC Medical Assistant (MDA)
  AWC Phlebotomy Technician (PLB)
  CAC Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)
  CAC Community Public Health (CPH)
  CAC Emergency Medical Services (EMS)
  CAC Fire Science Technology (FSC)
  CAC Health Careers (HCC)
  CAC Health Information Management (HIM)
  CAC Health Knowledge Systems (HKS)
  CAC Health Patient Management (HPM)
  CAC Licensed Massage Therapy (LMT)
  CAC Nursing (NUR)
  CAC Pharmacy Technician (PHT)
  CAC Radiology (RAD)
  CCC Allied Health Sciences (AHS)
  CCC Emergency Medical Services (EMS)
  CCC Fire Science (FSC)
  Cochise Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)
  Cochise Emergency Medical Technology (EMT)
  Cochise Health Technology (HLT)
  Cochise Paramedicine (PMD)
  DINE Certified Medical Assistant (CMA)
  DINE Health Education (HEE)
  EAC Emergency Medical Technology (EMT)
  EAC Health Care Education (HCE)
  EAC Health and Human Performance (HHP)
  EAC Nursing Assistant (NUR)
  EAC Radiologic Technician (RAD)
  MCCCD Clinical Data Coordination (CRC)
  MCCCD Dental Assisting Education (DAE)
  MCCCD Dental Hygiene Education (DHE)
  MCCCD Endoscopy Procedures (EDT)
  MCCCD Emergency Medical Technology (EMT)
  MCCCD Health Core Curriculum (HCC)
  MCCCD Health Care Education (HCE)
  MCCCD Health Information Management (HIM)
  MCCCD Healthcare Regulatory Compliance (HRC)
  MCCCD Health Service Management (HSM)
  MCCCD Healthcare Technology Management (HTM)
  MCCCD Integrated Public Health (IPH)
  MCCCD Occupational Therapy Assistant (OTA)
  MCCCD Perioperative Nursing (PON)
  MCCCD Physical Therapy Assisting (PTA)
  MCCCD Radiologic Technology (RAD)
  Mohave Dental Assisting (DAE)
  Mohave Dental Hygiene (DEH)
  Mohave Emergency Medical Services (EMS)
  Mohave Fire Science (FSC)
  Mohave Health Science (HES)
  Mohave Medical Assisting (MEA)
  Mohave Nutrition (NUT)
  Mohave Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA)
  Mohave Radiologic Technology (RAD)
  Mohave Surgical Technology (SGT)
  NPC Emergency Medical Technology (EMT)
  NPC Health Sciences (HES)
  NPC Medical Assistant (MDA)
  NPC Nurses Assistant Training (NAT)
  NPC Pharmacy Technician (PHT)
  NPC Surgical Technology (SGT)
  NPC Therapeutic Massage (TMP)
  PCC Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC)
  PCC Dental Assisting (DAE)
  PCC Dental Hygiene (DHE)
  PCC Dental Laboratory Technology (DLT)
  PCC Emergency Medical Technology (EMT)
  PCC Fire Science (FSC)
  PCC Fitness & Sport Sciences (FSS)
  PCC Health Care (HCA)
  PCC Health Information Technology (HIT)
  PCC Nursing Assistant (NRA)
  PCC Phlebotomy (PHB)
  PCC Pharmacy Technology (PHT)
  PCC Radiologic Technology (RAD)
  PCC Respiratory Therapy (RTH)
  PCC Veterinary Technician (VET)
  Yavapai Allied Health Services (AHS)
  Yavapai Emergency Medical Services (EMS)
  Yavapai Health Information Management (HIM)
  Yavapai Imaging Continuing Education (ICE)
  Yavapai Nutrition (NTR)
  Yavapai Radiologic Technology (RAD)


  NAU Dental Hygiene (DH)
  NAU Health Sciences (HS)
  UA Certified Medical Assistant (CMA)
  UA Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

The AZTransfer Steering Committee is leading an effort to reimagine the structure and requirements of the Arizona General Education Curriculum (AGEC) over the next 18 months. Learn more about this initiative and the progress made to date.



Nikki Albert, Phoenix College
Orlando Alcordo, Phoenix College
Sherrick Bader, Chandler-Gilbert Community College
Eric Bailey, Cochise College
Mark Bauer, Diné College
Amparo Bayless, Pima Community College
Tina Berry, Central Arizona College
Dawn Brause, Mesa Community College
Sandra Brightwell, Central Arizona College
Joann Chang, Arizona Western College
James Clark, Coconino Community College
Johnathon Clegg, Eastern Arizona College
Michael Collins, Arizona State University
Katherine Costa, Coconino Community College
Lynn Cushing, Pima Community College
Nickie Dannels, Cochise College
Kristi Deela, Phoenix College
Christopher Dickerson, Diné College
Rachael Don, Arizona State University
Renee Freese, Northland Pioneer College
Brian Gardner, Northland Pioneer College
Tracy Gift, Mohave Community College
Stacey Gilbert, Mohave Community College
Baljeet Gill, GateWay Community College
Rochelle Helminski, Phoenix College
Beth Hill, Cochise College
Brenda Hosley, Arizona State University
Holly Houck, Pima Community College
Bradley Johnson, GateWay Community College
Nancy Kiernan, Arizona State University
Jacqueline Levy, South Mountain Community College
Monica Nenad, Rio Salado College
Ahmad Pardazi, GateWay Community College
Rainier Perez, Glendale Community College
Rita Perry, Phoenix College
Ashley Picard, Yavapai College
Marla Pomeranz, GateWay Community College
Michelle Prentice, Northland Pioneer College
Rosa Querry, Phoenix College
Wright Randolph, Pima Community College
Donald Robinson, Diné College
Laura Safa, GateWay Community College
Tracey Schartz, GateWay Community College
Russ Schmidt, Pima Community College
Beth Siwek, Rio Salado College
Allie Stender, Northern Arizona University
Senecca Stromberg, Eastern Arizona College
Shazia Tabassum, Diné College
Shazia Tabassum-Hakim, Diné College
Kevin Taussig, Paradise Valley Community College
Danielle Terveen, GateWay Community College
Heather Thomas, Northern Arizona University
Terinicka Thomas-Brogan, Phoenix College
Brandy Thompson, GateWay Community College
Greg Trone, Chandler-Gilbert Community College
Jeffrey Wolz, Arizona State University