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May 06, 2019

Audio & Visual Meeting:

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(669) 900-6833 or (646) 876-9923
Meeting Code: 973 737 4481

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Update: Fall 2020 ATF Meetings
The AZTransfer Steering Committee met on June 4 and unanimously agreed that all AZTransfer ATF meetings will be held virtually through the remainder of 2020. This includes all discipline-specific ATFs as well as the Admissions & Records ATF, Academic Advising ATF, General Education ATF, AZTransfer Executive Committee, and AZTransfer Steering Committee.

Meeting information will be updated on each ATF portal page. Meeting participants will also receive an email with details on how to participate virtually 30 days prior to the meeting.

The Arizona Course Equivalency Tracking System (ACETS) is a web-based application that tracks course equivalency decisions, including SUN courses, as the courses move through the statewide evaluation and articulation process. ACETS Users Group use the system and develop ideas to enhance the system.



Helena Babiski, Coconino
Molly Baird, Maricopa
Christy Ball, UA
Adriana Campas, UA
Mary Ellen Clark, UA
Geselle Coe, Pima
Jennie Conway, Pima
Karen Dale, Cochise
Geraldine Garrity, Dine
Aman Ghebremicael, AWC
Sylvia Gibson, Central
Janice Lawhorn, Eastern
Cien Luke, AZTransfer
Rebecca McKay, AZTransfer
Alecia Mooney, NAU
Stacy Naughton, Pima
Maina Netterwald, Cochise
Angela Poland, Yavapai
Kelly Robles, AZTransfer
Joshua Rogers, Northland
Rose Rojas, Maricopa
Patti Schlosberg, Yavapai
Bryan Tinlin, ASU
Jennie Lee Voyce, Central
Erin Woodell, AZTransfer