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October 13, 2017
NAU Flagstaff, Eastburn Education, Bldg. 27, Rm. 212
Meeting time: 1:30pm - 3:30pm Combined Lunch with Early Childhood ATF Members: 12:00 - 1:30PM Attending the Education ATF only? Please arrive prior to noon and check in at the 2nd floor Lobby (Bldg 27 - College of Education - Eastburn Ed.) to receive your name badge (free lunch pass) to the Hot Spot at the NAU University Union and your parking permit. We will walk over together at noon.
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1-888-853-9372   Code: 729865
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Eric Brooks, Cochise

Alecia Mooney, NAU

Pamela Powell, NAU

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  AWC Early Childhood Education (ECE)
  AWC Education (EDU)
  CAC Education (EDU)
  CCC Education (EDU)
  Cochise Education (EDU)
  DINE Education (EDU)
  EAC Education (EDU)
  MCCCD Education of Adult Learners (EDA)
  MCCCD Education Montessori (EDM)
  MCCCD Education (EDU)
  MCCCD Education Field Experience (only EFE 201-208) (EFE)
  MCCCD eLearning (ELN)
  MCCCD Excellence/Teaching/Learning (ETL)
  MCCCD Game Studies (GST)
  Mohave Education (EDU)
  NPC Education (EDU)
  PCC Education (EDU)
  TOCC Education (EDU)
  Yavapai Education (EDU)


  ASU Bilingual Education (BLE)
  ASU Counselor Education (CED)
  ASU Curriculum and Instruction (DCI)
  ASU Early Childhood Education (ECD)
  ASU Early Childhood Teaching & Leadership (ECT)
  ASU Education Administration & Supervision (EDA)
  ASU Education (EDC)
  ASU Educational Psychology (EDP)
  ASU Educational Technology (EDT)
  ASU Elementary Education (EED)
  ASU Engilsh as a Second Language (ELL)
  ASU Higher & Postsecondary Education (HED)
  ASU Indian Education (IED)
  ASU Instructional Media (IMD)
  ASU Library Science (LIS)
  ASU Multicultural Education (MCE)
  ASU Physical Education East (PPE)
  ASU Reading Education (RDG)
  ASU Secondary Education East (SDE)
  ASU Secondary Education (SED)
  ASU Special Education East (SPC)
  ASU Special Education (SPE)
  ASU Social & Philosophical Foundations (SPF)
  ASU Teacher Education & Leadership (TEL)
  NAU Bilingual Multi-Cultural Education (BME)
  NAU Curriculum & Instruction (ECI)
  NAU Educational Foundations (EDF)
  NAU Education Yuma (EDU)
  NAU Educational Psychology (EPS)
  NAU Special Education (ESE)
  NAU Library Science (LS)
  NAU Teaching Science & Math (TSM)
  UA Educational Leadership (EDL)
  UA Educational Psychology (EDP)
  UA Educational Psychology (UA South) (EDPV)
  UA Higher Education (HED)
  UA Language, Reading & Culture (UA South) (LRCV)
  UA Special Education, Rehabilitation & School Psychology (UA South) (SEPV)
  UA Special Education, Rehabilitation & School Psychology (SERP)
  UA Teaching, Learning & Sociocultural Studies (TLS)
  UA Teaching and Teacher Education (UA South) (TTEV)

The degrees listed here include all university degrees associated with this ATF discipline. For a list of Shared Majors and their identified common courses click on the Common Course Matrix links.
  ASU Elementary Education (BAE)
  ASU Elementary Education (English as a Second Language) (BAE)
  ASU Special Education (BAE)
  NAU Early Childhood (BS in Education)
  NAU Elementary Education (BSED)
  NAU Elementary Education Yuma (BSED)
  NAU Special and Elementary Education (BS in Education)
  UA Elementary Education (BA in Education)
  UA Elementary Education (UA South) (BS in Elementary Education)
  UA Elementary Education - Bilingual (BA in Education)
  UA Special Education & Rehabilitation (Spec Ed option) (BS in Education)


Email All Members: AZEDUATF@ASU.EDU

Terri Ackland, Central Arizona College
Beth Alsen, Mesa Community College
Vicki Ardisana, Northern Arizona University
Alison Barrett, University of Arizona
Ben Behunin, Arizona Western College
Cynthia Benally, Dine College
April Boozer, Arizona State University
Eric Brooks, Cochise College
Melissa Busby, Central Arizona College
Sharon Cardenas, Northern Arizona University
Martha Cocchiarella, Arizona State University
Janice Cortina, Northland Pioneer College
Ruth Creek-Rhoedes, Northland Pioneer College
Tara Dagres, Mohave Community College
Rosanne Dlugosz, Scottsdale Community College
Rosemarie Dugi, South Mountain Community College
Mary Ellertson, Scottsdale Community College
Maria Enciso, Phoenix College
Mitzi Esgro, Mohave Community College
Tina Franklin, Glendale Community College
Annapurna Ganesh, Mesa Community College
Geraldine Garrity, Dine College
Cyndi Giorgis, Arizona State University
Jennifer Gresko, Rio Salado College
Tawn Hauptli, Mesa Community College
Rachel Holmes, Estrella Mountain Community College
Rickey Jackson, Northland Pioneer College
Donna Jurich, University of Arizona
Meggin Kirk, Paradise Valley Community College
Sara Knepper, University of Arizona
Sarah Kondratuk, Northern Arizona University
Heather Merrill, Glendale Community College
Erica Mitchell, Arizona State University
Becky Moore, Northern Arizona University
Tara O'Neill, Yavapai College
Nancy Oreshack, Glendale Community College
Celinda Palmer, Eastern Arizona College
Jennifer Peterson, Chandler-Gilbert Community College
Pamela Powell, Northern Arizona University
Patricia Powers, Arizona Western College
Russell Prust, Northern Arizona University
Kelly Robles, AZTransfer Staff
Claire Schonaerts, Northern Arizona University
Laurie Seder, University of Arizona
Cara Steiner, Central Arizona College
Brian Stewart, Pima Community College
Nicole Thompson, Arizona State University
Kathy Valdivia, Phoenix College
Lori Walk, Glendale Community College
Katie White, Mohave Community College