Communication Effective Fall 2018

Common Pathway: AA   SR  
Arizona General Education Curriculum   AGEC-A

Shared Majors: A shared major is a university degree program that has similar academic preparation to one or more degree programs at other Arizona public universities.
Institution Degree Major
ASU Lake Havasu BA Communication    
ASU Tempe BA Communication    
ASU Tempe BS Communication    
ASU West BA Communication    
ASU West BS Communication    
NAU BS Communication Studies    
NAU BA Communication Studies    
NAU BS Strategic Communication    
UA BA Communication    

Common Courses   The courses listed below are recommended to students who plan to transfer to a university.
* Interpersonal Communication Intro to Communication Public Speaking Small Group
ASU COM 110 COM 100 COM 225 COM 230
NAU CST 151 COM 101 CST 111 CST 271
UA COMM 114 COMM 101 COMM 119 COMM 113

AWC Under Review   NA SPC 110 SPC 215 SPC 271
CAC COM 101 COM 100 COM 206 COM 202
Cochise COM 270 COM 102 COM 110 COM 271
Dine Under Review NA COM 121 NA
EAC COM 115 COM 100 COM 201 COM 271
MCCCD COM 110 COM 100 ** COM 225 COM 230
Mohave COM 121 COM 100 COM 151 NA
NPC Under Review SPT 110 SPT 120 NA
Pima CMN 140   CMN 102 CMN 110 * CMN 130
TOCC NA SPE 102 * SPE 110 * NA
Yavapai COM 134 COM 100 COM 131 COM 271

Course Notes
* ASU - Is not a direct equivalent at ASU. Students will have to take the required university course upon transfer.
** Maricopa: or sequence COM100AA & COM100AB & COM100AC

See the Degrees and Pathways list for information about language proficiency requirements associated with these majors, and to learn about other majors offered by the Arizona public universities.

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