Center for Curriculum and Transfer Articulation
Major: 5595
First Term: 2016 Spring   
Award: CCL  
Total Credits: 26
CIP Code: 46.0499
Occupational Area: Architecture and Construction

Instructional Council: Occupational Administrators (53)
GPA: 2.00
SOC Code: 11-9021

Description: The Certificate of Completion (CCL) in Construction Trades: Construction Management program is designed to train and upgrade skills of people working in the construction industry as foremen, supervisors, construction business owners, and construction superintendents. Training is included in the areas of leadership and motivation, oral and written communications, problem solving, contracts and documents, planning and scheduling, cost awareness and production control, sustainability, project safety and improvement. The skills acquired in this program can be applied to work in highway departments, engineering and architectural firms, and material sales firms, as well as the construction industry.

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Suggested Course Plan Sequenced by Semester

Required Courses
ABC/MEC/PNT120 Basic Calculations for Construction 1.5
BPC110 Computer Usage and Applications 3
GBS110 Human Relations in Business and Industry 3
IND135 Interpersonal Skills and Leadership in Construction 1
IND137 Issues and Resolutions 1
IND138 Introduction to Project Management and Resource Control 1
IND139 Construction Documents 1
IND140 Construction Scheduling and Time Management 1
IND141 Estimating and Cost Control 1
IND145 Sustainable Construction Supervisor 1.5
HMT/OSH101 Introduction to Occupational Safety, Health, and Environmental Technology 3
OSH105 Construction Safety 2
Credits: 20

Program Competencies
1. Perform calculations using whole numbers to add, subtract, multiply and divide, with and without a calculator. (ABC120)
2. Describe methods and requirements for creating, editing, and reporting of data during database processing. (BPC110)
3. Describe the characteristics of word processing and spreadsheet programs and define their functions. (BPC110)
4. Identify effective interpersonal relationships and leadership skills within an organization. (GBS110)
5. Identify various styles of leadership building relationships, effective communication, behavioral interviewing, and professional development. (IND135)
6. List and describe methods for systematic problem-solving. Negotiating techniques, conflict resolution, brainstorming and root cause identification. (IND137)
7. Describe the project manager’s role and responsibilities as they relate to the scheduling, controlling cost, cost analysis, and planning of activities of a large construction project. (IND138, IND140, IND141)
8. List the elements in the cost control cycle and describe the function of each. (IND138, IND141)
9. Identify various forms of required documentation needed for a project. (IND139)
10. Prepare a simple project schedule. (IND140)
11. Identify ways to improve sustainability of the project during the construction phase, benefits, tradeoffs, roles and responsibilities related to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) credits and requirements. (IND145)
12. Implement, and evaluate hazardous materials controls in accordance with state and federal regulations. (OSH101)
13. Identify safety precautions for machine use and materials handling. (OSH105)
MCCCD Governing Board Approval Date: December 14, 2010

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