Center for Curriculum and Transfer Articulation
Major: 5717
First Term: 2015 Fall   
Award: CCL  
Total Credits: 29
CIP Code: 40.0605
Occupational Area: Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources

Instructional Council: Applied Technology (57)
GPA: 2.00
SOC Code: 19-4091.00

Description: The Certificate of Completion (CCL) in Water Resources Technologies: Hydrologic Studies program contains theoretical and practical hands-on training in the monitoring of water quality and quantity. The program includes operation, calibration and maintenance of water monitoring instruments. The program will prepare students with other science degrees interested in the Level I certification for the American Institute of Hydrology.

Suggested Course Plan Sequenced by Semester

Required Courses
BPC110 Computer Usage and Applications (3) OR
CIS105 Survey of Computer Information Systems (3) 3

OSH105AA Construction Safety (3) OR
OSH106AA Industrial Safety (3) OR
FSC/OSH109 Emergency Response Team for Industry (3) 3

+ WRT100 Introduction to Water Resources 3
+ WRT102 Water Resources Computations and Data Analysis 3
+ WRT130 Groundwater Hydrology 3
+ WRT130LL Groundwater Field Techniques 1
+ WRT140 Water Quality for Treatment Industry 3
+ WRT140LL Water Quality for Treatment Industry Laboratory 1
+ WRT150 Introduction to Surface Water Data Collection 3
+ WRT150LL Introduction to Surface Water Data Collection Field Techniques 2
+ WRT240 Water Quality 3
+ WRT240LL Water Quality Field Techniques 1
Credits: 29

Program Competencies
1. Demonstrate computer skills. (BPC110, CIS105)
2. Maintain a safe working environment as outlined by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations. (OSH105AA, OSH106AA, FSC/OSH109)
3. Define specific terms associated with water resources computations and data analysis. (WRT102)
4. Calculate specific mathematical water resources problems. (WRT102)
5. Conduct water budget study. (WRT100, WRT130, WRT130LL, WRT150, WRT150LL)
6. Explain principles of hydrology to include, ground water, surface water, water quality, water purification, and water pollution. (WRT100, WRT150)
7. Evaluate and report on conditions of a ground water body. (WRT130, WRT130LL)
8. Evaluate and report water quality conditions of surface water and groundwater. (WRT130, WRT130LL, WRT150, WRT150LL, WRT240, WRT240LL)
9. Conduct statistical analyses and report on the status of a specific body of water located in the United States. (WRT130, WRT130LL, WRT150, WRT150LL, WRT240, WRT240LL)
10. Demonstrate proper use, maintenance and care of water resources equipment. (WRT130LL, WRT140LL, WRT150LL, WRT240LL)
11. Apply chemistry/biological principles to the monitoring of Water Resources. (WRT140, WRT140LL)
12. Perform specific analytical studies of water and wastewater samples. (WRT140LL, WRT240LL)
13. Evaluate and report on the conditions of a stream reach. (WRT150, WRT150LL, WRT240, WRT240LL)
MCCCD Governing Board Approval Date: March 24, 2015

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