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Agriculture A.A. Degree
Semester Hours:  60-64
Effective Term: Fall 2008
Prerequisites: None
Corequisites: None

Program Description: Students pursuing this Agriculture A.A. Degree may transfer to a university to pursue a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Agriculture.

Recommended Proficiencies: None

Course Requirements
Agriculture A.A. Degree (60-64 Credits)

AGEC-A (35-36 credits)
Select AGEC courses.

Written Communications (6)
ENG101 English Composition III (3)
ENG102 English Composition IV (3)

Oral Communications (3)
Select an AGEC course.

For the following two categories, select AGEC courses from different disciplines to total 15 credits.

Arts and Humanities (6-9)
Select one Art (3) and one Humanities (3) course.

Social and Behavioral Sciences (6-9)
Select AGEC courses from different disciplines.

Physical and Biological Sciences (8)
Select AGEC courses with a laboratory component.

Mathematics (3-4)
MAT141 College Mathematics, Standard (4)
or higher

Subject Options (0-6)
Based on your major, review the specific A.A. Degree
requirements in the CAC catalog, consult an academic
advisor, and see the Transfer Guides at

Special Awareness Requirements (0-9)
Select AGEC courses to fulfill these requirements.
1. At least three semester credits of coursework in
Intensive Writing and Critical Inquiry
2. At least three semester credits of coursework in
Cultural Awareness (Ethnic/Race/Gender)
3. At least three semester credits of coursework
emphasizing Global/International Awareness or Historical

Note: Courses used in other areas, such as Oral
Communications, Arts and Humanities, Social and
Behavioral Sciences, or Transfer Electives may also be
used to satisfy requirements in the three Special Awareness Requirement categories. A course may not be used to satisfy more than one Special Awareness Requirements category.

Core Requirements (10)
AGB124 Microcomputers in Agriculture (3)
AGS240 Plant Biology (4)
ANS101 Animal Industry (3)

Electives (19)
Select 19 credits from college-level courses numbered 100
or higher to meet the Degree requirement. All electives
must transfer to the chosen university or the student will
be required to take additional credits at the university.
Consult the Course Equivalency Guide (CEG) to determine course equivalency at the universities.

Other Requirements (3)
Reading Competency: RDG094 College Reading

Computer Competency (3):
AGB124 Microcomputers in Agriculture
(Fulfilled in Core Requirements)

Other A.A. Degree Requirements
Some A.A. Degrees require up to 16 credits of a Second
Language to demonstrate proficiency. Many four-year
degrees require either a second semester or fourth
semester level of a second language and strongly
encourage students to complete this requirement at the
community college prior to transfer.

Check your university catalog, Transfer Guides at
http://www.aztransfer.com/TransferGuides, or meet with
an academic advisor. Students may demonstrate
proficiency by completion of coursework and/or a
proficiency test.

Students undecided about their major are encouraged to
complete a fourth semester of a second language. CAC
offers Spanish, French, Sign Language and other Foreign
Languages and Literatures. Contact an academic advisor
for assistance.

Students must earn a grade of "C" or better in each A.A. Degree required course.
Students must earn a minimum of 20 credits from CAC, including the AGEC-A requirements.

This A.A. Degree requires 60-64 semester credits.
Program Measurable Student Learning Outcomes
Discuss the importance of plants in our environment.
Establish a computerized agricultural accounting system for economic analysis.
Describe the functional anatomy of domestic animals and relate their importance to society.
Standards for Program
Identify and describe the botantical components of vascular plants utilized for feeding the worlds population.
Configure and maintain Quickbooks for a generalized agricultural business.
Describe the processes of cellular division and discuss the importance of reproduction in herd management.