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CIS 232 Advanced Web Development with Game Programming
Credit Hours:  3
Effective Term: Spring 2017
SUN#: None
AGEC: None
Credit Breakdown: 2 Lecture, 3 Lab
Times for Credit: 1
Grading Option: Both A/F and S/U

Description: Opportunity to build on existing knowledge of HTML5 and JavaScript. Techniques used to build mobile games include the use of JQuery, CSS3, SVG, and Canvas.Topics include standard patterns for building games in HTML5, methodology, popular game engines and frameworks, building the Web application, and publishing. S/U grading option available. Prerequisites: CIS112, CIS123, CIS170.

Prerequisites: CIS112, CIS123, CIS170

Corequisites: None

Recommendations: None

Measurable Student Learning Outcomes
1.(Comprehension Level) Understand Web game strategy, audience, structure, and stages.
2.(Comprehension Level) Describe when to use each of the three primary methods (CSS3, SVG, or Canvas) for building an HTML5 game. (CSLO#2)
3.(Knowledge Level) Identify various HTML5 game engines and jQuery game libraries. (CSLO #2)
4.(Comprehension Level) Discuss the goals of various game levels in achieving the strategy of the game. (CSLO #3)
5.(Synthesis Level) Create a game world utilizing Box2D fundamentals and Physics Engine basics. (CSLO # 3)
6.(Synthesis Level) Design splash, mission briefing, and main menu screens. (CSLO #3)
7.(Application Level) Implement map planning for game understanding. (CSLO #4)
8.(Application Level) Demonstrate the addition of protagonists and entities with intelligent unit movement to the game board. (CSLO #3)
9.(Synthesis Level) Develop appropriate audio elements for acknowledging commands, messages, and animation. (CSLO #3)
10.(Application Level) Demonstrate mouse and keyboard interaction on game objects. (CSLO #3)
11.(Comprehension Level) Discuss the complexities of multiplayer games, WebSocket API, and the Lock-Step Networking model. (CSLO #2)
12.(Comprehension Level) Describe the packaging process for web app stores. (CSLO #2)
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