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NTR 142 Applied Food Science
Credit Hours:  3
Effective Term: Fall 2017
SUN#: None
AGEC: None  
Credit Breakdown: 3 Lectures
Times for Credit: 1
Grading Option: A, B, C, D, F

Description: Applied scientific principles of food preparation and production. Students must purchase ingredients for assignments. Prerequisite: RDG094.

Prerequisites: RDG094

Corequisites: None

Recommendations: None

Measurable Student Learning Outcomes
1.(Knowledge Level) Identify the basic four flavors of food and a variety of commonly used spices and herbs.
2. (Knowledge Level) Recall unit of measure equivalencies.
3. (Analysis Level) Recognize the factors that influence food safety and issues in food biotechnology. (CSLO#1)
4. (Comprehension Level) Identify and explain sources and functions of carbohydrates, protein, fat and water in food preparation.
5. (Application Level) Demonstrate appropriate methods of measuring ingredients, knife skills and basic cooking methods.
6. (Comprehension Level) Identify the physical, chemical and organoleptic changes that occur in food ingredients during preparation and cooking.(CSLO#2)
7. (Synthesis Level) Design menus that meet accepted standards for nutritional adequacy.
8. (Synthesis Level) Design menus appropriate for individuals from various socio-cultural backgrounds.
9. (Evaluation Level) Justify the promotion of pleasurable eating.

Internal/External Standards Accreditation