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MET 250 Factory Talk
Credit Hours:  3
Effective Term: Fall 2015
SUN#:  None
AGEC: None
Credit Breakdown: 2 Lectures 3 Labs
Times for Credit: 1
Grading Option: A/F Only

Description: Factory concepts and programming used in creating Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) in a variety of industry applications. An HMI is a graphical tool which controls automated devices.

Prerequisites: ELC228, Advanced Programmable Logic Controllers

Corequisites: None

Recommendations: Interest in creating graphical controllers.

Measurable Student Learning Outcomes
1.(Evaluation Level) Compare and contrast the sections and functions of a Human Machine Interface (HMI).
2.(Synthesis Level) Construct and configure graphic objects that will display the temperature, pressure and rpm and provide feedback from the system.
3.(Synthesis Level) Construct and configure interactive objects which will allow control of valves, motors and other automated devices.
4.(Synthesis Level) Construct message displays which will provide warnings and production status.
Internal/External Standards Accreditation