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WLD 227 Welding Design and Fabrication
Credit Hours:  3
Effective Term: Fall 2014
SUN#: None
AGEC: None  
Credit Breakdown: 2 Lectures, 3 Labs
Times for Credit: 2
Grading Option: A/F Only

Description: Welding design, layout and fabrication processes with job/shop-oriented environment and emphasis on instructor pre-approved individual and group projects.

Prerequisites: WLD110

Corequisites: None

Recommendations: None

Measurable Student Learning Outcomes
1. (Application Level) Explain and demonstrate safe work habits and procedures in the welding design and fabrication of class projects.
2. (Analysis Level) Analyze and explain the procedure for estimating the amount and types of materials required for given project.
3. (Analysis Level) Explain, demonstrate and justify the proper and efficient layout of a successful project to minimize time and cost of the project.
4. (Evaluation Level) Explain, demonstrate and evaluate the proper welding procedures and finishing techniques for a welding project.
Internal/External Standards Accreditation
American Welding Society standards (www.aws.org):