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GIS 299 GIS Research Methods
Credit Hours:  4
Effective Term: Fall 2013
AGEC: None
Credit Breakdown: 3 Lectures, 3 Labs
Times for Credit: 1
Grading Option: A/F

Description: Introduction to GIS focused research methods useful for academic and professional investigations of information practices and technologies. By examining the applications, strengths and major criticisms of geospatial methodologies drawn from both the qualitative and quantitative traditions, this course stresses developing skills and knowledge to make various decisions and the steps involved in crafting and executing a research methodology, as well as the ability to create critically assessed GIS-based research.

Prerequisites: GIS232 or GIS251

Corequisites: None

Recommendations: None

Measurable Student Learning Outcomes
1. (Application Level) Design a GIS-based research proposal.
2. (Application Level) Describe and apply GIS-based research methods including identification of primary research characteristics, standard terminology and strengths and weaknesses of various research methods to a research proposal.
3. (Analysis Level) Identify the types of methods best suited for investigating different types of GIS-based problems and questions.
4. (Synthesis Level) Develop research questions that are based on and build upon a critical appraisal of existing research.
5. (Evaluation Level) Conduct GIS-based research and assess results.
Internal/External Standards Accreditation
GIS Standards:
URISA (http://www.urisa.org/)

ESRI (http://www.esri.com/) &

GISCI (http://www.gisci.org/)

NCGIA (http://www.ncgia.ucsb.edu/) &

AZ State Cartographer's Office: http://sco.az.gov/

State of AZ GIS Standards (08/19/2010): https://docs.google.com/viewer?a=v&q=cache:y9-JjLaA_wIJ:isd.azdoa.gov/forms_docs/911/StateofArizona_GISStandards_AI20090402.doc+GIS+standards+Arizona&hl=en&gl=us&pid=bl&srcid=ADGEESjoeFvJaquEU6QZ-AqQCsQzXVgEmXdN18HMnq9c4bYijGVqVy4ZGBTaQrcRRGXIBbJNalU47t8z-H33DOhdaXu8XZPObh3trNl3qJFSqm9yKlmm5A9JbW9SWFE0GGWYRg2DeykQ&sig=AHIEtbQuZhN4E1c7S0-4EH54C-sstRm35w

USGS Water Resources Maps and GIS Data: http://water.usgs.gov/maps.html

AZ Surveyor's Forge Standards/GPS World: http://www.gpsworld.com/gis/gis-and-mapping/arizona-surveyors-forge-standards-7485