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DFT 127 Autocad I
Credit Hours:  3
Effective Term: Fall 2012
AGEC: (None)  
Credit Breakdown: 2 Lectures, 3 Labs
Times for Credit: 1
Grading Option: A/F

Description: Introductory course in Computer-Aided Drafting and Design (CADD) computer technology for creation and documentation of 2D drawings. Includes operation and capabilities of computers in CADD, drafting fundamentals, dimensioning, annotating, management of CADD files, printing and plotting.

Prerequisites: None

Corequisites: None

Recommendations: N/A

Measurable Student Learning Outcomes
1. (Application Level) Perform steps to launch AutoCAD's Computer Aided Design (CADD) program.
2. (Analysis Level) Utilize AutoCAD's Program Window to Create 2D drawings per American National Standards Institute (ANSI).
3. (Synthesis Level) Create points, distances and angles by entering coordinates at keyboard.
4. (Analysis Level) Utilize mouse to efficiently produce and edit 2D CADD drawings.
5. (Application Level) Perform steps to save and retrieve AutoCAD files using given file management protocols.
6. (Application Level) Produce accurate hard copies of AutoCAD drawings with given printer or plotter.
Internal/External Standards Accreditation
Per American National Standards Institute (ANSI)