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AGC 121 Equipment Preventive Maintenance
Credit Hours:  1
Effective Term: Fall 2010
SUN#: None
Credit Breakdown: 1 Lecture
Times for Credit: 1
Grading Option: A/F

Description: Preventive maintenance responsibilities for heavy equipment operators including basic equipment subsystem and major mechanical systems.

Prerequisites: Student must be sponsored by an AGC contractor to enroll.

Corequisites: None

Recommendations: None

Measurable Student Learning Outcomes
1. (Knowledge level) Recite the preventive maintenance (PM) responsibilities of the operator.
2. (Comprehension level) Specify the basic equipment subsystems.
3. (Comprehension level) Explain how to service equipment.
4. (Comprehension level) Specify the major mechanical systems.
Internal/External Standards Accreditation
Per National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) Standards; URL: http://www.nccer.org/assessments.aspx:
1. Successfully complete Equipment Preventive Maintenance Module Examination #22104 with a score of at least 70%.
2. Complete tasks safely by adhering to OSHA standards.
3. Performance profile tasks. Students will:
a) List the basic PM responsibilities of the operator, per manufacturer's manual.
b) Identify the equipment's basic subsystems and identify the items to be checked in daily inspection.
c) Use basic service tools: grease gun, ammeter, and air gauge.
d) Service air cleaners, bleed air tanks and check fluid levels, per manufacturer's specifications.