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ENG 097 Reading and Writing Essentials
Credit Hours:  5
Effective Term: Fall 2018
SUN#: None
AGEC: None
Credit Breakdown: 5 Lectures
Times for Credit: 1
Grading Option: A, B, C, D, F

Description: Essentials for reading and writing in order to prepare students to be successful in their program of study. This course satisfies RDG 091 and ENG 090. Prerequisite: Appropriate placement scores.

Prerequisites: Appropriate placement scores.

Corequisites: None

Recommendations: Must have appropriate placement scores.

Measurable Student Learning Outcomes
1. (Knowledge Level) Identify word parts (roots, suffixes, prefixes) to determine meanings of unfamiliar words. (CSLO 2)
2. (Analysis Level) Analyze context clues to determine the meaning of unfamiliar words. (CSLO 2)
3. (Application Level) Use word reference resources to enhance vocabulary acquisition. (CSLO 2,3)
4. (Knowledge Level) Identify topics, main ideas, and supporting details in reading passages. (CSLO 2)
5. (Application Level) Apply reading strategies to improve comprehension, reading fluency and accuracy. (CSLO 2,3)
6. (Synthesis Level) Write clear and fluid sentences and be able to recognize and revise grammatical, punctuation, and spelling errors. (CSLO 2,3)
7. (Application Level) Use the writing process (inventing, planning, drafting, revising, and editing). (CSLO 2,4)
8. (Application Level) Demonstrate audience awareness, purpose, and tone in writing. (CSLO 3,4)
9. (Synthesis Level) Respond appropriately to various writing situations and prompts by creating written discourse. (CSLO 2,3,4)
10. (Application Level) Demonstrate the ability to write well developed summaries, paragraphs, and short essays governed by a logical structure in writing (introductions, topic sentence, thesis statement, supporting details, and conclusion). (CSLO 2,3,4)
11. (Synthesis Level) Create word processed documents using proper college level conventions (MLA format). (CSLO 3)
12. (Synthesis Level) Revise and edit writing to create unified, cohesive texts. (CSLO 2,3,4)
13. (Analysis Level) Recognize and avoid plagiarism. (CSLO 2,3,4)
14. (Application Level) Read passages and respond appropriately to short reading assignments. (CSLO 2,3,4)
15. (Application Level) Demonstrate knowledge of and apply figurative language. (CSLO 2,3,4)

Internal/External Standards Accreditation