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Mohave Community College
Computer Science & Comp Information Systems

Originator: Butcher, Matt           Status: Approved           Department: (CSC) Computer Science
Date Created: 09/25/2015         Submitted: 10/02/2015         Completed: 10/08/2015        
ATF (Program or Discipline): Computer Science & Comp Information Systems  
Date of the ATF: 9/25/2015  
Statewide Update: CIS 208 (C#) has been the login core programming course across the state. Arizona State want C# to no longer be content in that core, but C# hasn't technically been removed by the all three of the universities. This has caused confusion regarding what course/curriculum all of the community colleges need to handle for transfer to meet this competency.

Computer Science has much less confusion - Java is the programming language of choice for their core programming courses (Computer Science I and Computer Science II).

Cochise College has implemented Python in a number of different programming courses in their network security curriculum (due to local industry demands). Our department plans to investigate where we could implement Python.

Exam competencies were covered as well - MCC's Computer Science matches what the universities are accepting regarding test type and score for credit.

Computer Science course development - MCC CSC/CIS department would like to look at creating a Digital Logic course to grow the transferablility of the Computer Science A.S. Digital Logic is part of the State-wide Computer Science core courses and would be the next reasonable course in the sequence. Other Courses ultimately needed to offer a more complete Computer Science AS would be Assembler Language and Discrete Math. Those two courses can be considered for development after Digital Logic.

computer science I and II articulation ok - want to build digital logic and ask math department to think about a discrete math course
University Curricular updates: C# (CIS group - CIS 208) - ASU

Cochise - Python in Network Security degrees  
Community college Curricular Updates: No major changes were observed to Computer Science at this meeting.  
Suggested changes to matricies: NA  
Articulation: ASU    
Volunteering: Issue with C# that the three university cannot ultimately agree on, leaving community colleges in limbo. Until the universities agree on what programming language should be used (if any) as the core, the CIS/CSC plans to stay with C# (as most other community college are doing). See the CIS ATF report for more on this.  
Certificates: CIS 208 is in one Certificate:

Programming and Game Development Certificate

Degrees: CIS 208 is in multiple Degrees:

Computer Information Systems Admin AAS
Health Information Systems AAS
Computer Information Systems ABus (SR)
Computer Science AS  
Additional Comments: next meeting 9/23/16 NAU in the am  
Writing Across the Curriculum: no