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Arizona General Education Curriculum (AGEC)

Starting at a community college? The basic building blocks include the Arizona General Education Curriculum (AGEC)!

Successfully completing the AGEC means all AGEC courses will transfer as a block to ASU, NAU and UA. If you complete it with a 2.5 GPA or better, you will be guaranteed admission to ASU, NAU, and UA.

The AGEC is the foundation of your community college education. It consists of 35-37 credits in the following subject areas:

Freshman Composition
Arts & Humanities
Social & Behavioral Sciences
Physical and Biological Sciences
Options (these will vary by community college and AGEC completed)
Special Requirements (upon completion of your AGEC, you will have taken courses that meet the following requirements: Intensive writing and critical inquiry, Ethnic/Race/Gender Awareness, Global/International or Historical Awareness)