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Center for Curriculum and Transfer Articulation
Major: 5746N
Effective Term: 2019 Fall   

Award: CCL  
Total Credits: 10-12
CIP Code: 46.0000

Instructional Council: Occupational Administrators (53)
GPA: 2.0
SOC Code: 47-1011

Description: The Certificate of Completion (CCL) in Construction Trades: Pre-Apprenticeship program is designed to train and upgrade skills of people interested in entering construction trades registered apprenticeship programs. Training is included in the areas OSHA-10 certification and introductory courses in the areas of hand and power tools, math, blueprint reading, rigging, materials handling and green construction overview. Soft skills training includes problem solving, communication and computer basics. The skills acquired in this program can be applied toward advance placement in a participating registered apprenticeship program which may require a background check and/or drug testing.

Suggested Course Plan Sequenced by Semester:
Track I: High School Junior/Seniors
Track II: Post High School Students

Required Courses
All Students Must Select: Credits: 8.5
+ ABC/PNT118 OSHA Standards and Regulations 1.5
+ ABC/MEC/PNT120 Basic Calculations for Construction 1.5
+ ABC/MEC/PNT121 Introduction to Hand and Power Tools 1
+ ABC/HEO/MEC122 Rigging Safety and Equipment 1
+ ABC123 Introduction to Construction Drawings 0.5
+ CNS/CON290AB Construction Internship 2
+ TDR102 Construction Soft Skills I: Workplace Skills 1

High School Junior/Seniors Must Select: Credits: 3.5
AAA/CPD150 Strategies for College Success 3
+ ABA106 Introduction to Materials Handling 0.5

Post High School Students Must Select: Credits: 1.5
CNS102 Foundations for Apprenticeship 1
+ CNS110 Green Construction Overview 0.5
Credits: 10-12

Program Competencies
1. Define a load, pre-task plan and demonstrate proper use of materials-handling techniques/equipment and hazard recognition. (ABA106)
2. Describe the implementation of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Act in the work place. (ABC/PNT118)
3. Solve mathematical problems related to the construction trades including addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, decimals, and fractions. (ABC/MEC/PNT120)
4. Convert measurements between English and metric units. (ABC/MEC/PNT120)
5. Identify and demonstrate the proper use hand and power tools of the trades. (ABC/MEC/PNT121)
6. Identify and describe proper use of slings, common rigging hardware, basic inspection techniques, hitch configurations, load-handling safety and American National Standards Institute (ANSI) hand signals. (ABC/HEO/MEC122)
7. Recognize and identify basic construction drawing terms, components, and symbols. (ABC123)
8. Interpret and use drawing dimensions. (ABC123)
9. Demonstrate basic knowledge of money management, building credit and dealing with debt. (CNS102)
10. Describe the importance of apprenticeship roles and responsibilities in the workplace. (CNS102)
11. Describe the difference between green energy vs. green building and identify the five main areas of green building standards. (CNS110)
12. Demonstrate basic proficiency in the areas of cement masonry, bricklaying, electrical, welding and steel construction, pipefitting/plumbing, and carpentry/form building. (CNS/CON290AB)
13. Identify the skills necessary to increase student success, personal growth; develop study skills, implement educational and career planning. (AAA/CPD150)
14. Demonstrate critical thinking skills, problem solving and a basic understanding of workplace issues. (TDR102)
+ indicates course has prerequisites and/or corequisites.
++ indicates that any suffixed course may be selected.
MCCCD Governing Board Approval Date: June 25, 2019

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