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Center for Curriculum and Transfer Articulation
Major: 5479N
Effective Term: 2017 Spring   

Award: CCL  
Total Credits: 15
CIP Code: 47.0604

Instructional Council: Automotive/Diesel-Heavy Equipment Technology (18)
GPA: 2.00
SOC Code: 49-2093, 49-2096, 49-3023

Description: Students can obtain a Certificate of Completion by successfully completing the following courses with a grade of "C" or better. This course grouping should prepare the student to enter the automotive engine service area.

Suggested Course Plan Sequenced by Semester

Required Courses
AUT103AA Automotive Electrical Systems 6
AUT104AA Automotive Fuel Systems 3
AUT105AA Engine Performance and Diagnosis 3

+ AUT233 Computerized Engine Control Systems (3) OR
+ AUT210AA Automotive Emission Systems (3) 3
Credits: 15

Program Competencies
1. Solve electrical problems using Ohm`s Law. (AUT103AA)
2. Demonstrate ability to read and understand electrical/vacuum diagrams and shop manuals. (AUT103AA)
3. Use safety precautions in servicing electrical systems. (AUT103AA)
4. Diagnose electrical problems. (AUT103AA)
5. Repair and/or replace electrical components. (AUT103AA)
6. Demonstrate proper use of electrical test equipment. (AUT103AA)
7. Describe devices used to control emissions. (AUT103AA, AUT104AA)
8. Describe basic principles of carburetion and trace circuits in selected carburetors. (AUT104AA)
9. Describe fuel injection system and components. (AUT104AA)
10. Diagnose and repair fuel injection system and components. (AUT104AA)
11. Diagnose and overhaul selected carburetors to manufacturer`s specifications. (AUT104AA)
12. Explain the importance of maintenance and tune-up in the reduction of emissions. (AUT104AA)
13. Interpret automotive oscilloscope patterns and their relationship to engine performance. (AUT105AA)
14. Diagnose and improve engine performance and drivability based upon oscilloscope patterns. (AUT105AA, AUT210AA)
15. Use engine analyzers for diagnosis and service of drivability complaints. (AUT233)
16. Diagnose problems related to high or low emission readings. (AUT233, AUT210AA)
17. Demonstrate proper and safe use of basic hand tools, cleaning and service equipment. (AUT103AA, AUT104AA, AUT105AA, AUT233, AUT210AA)
18. Use service/specification/parts manuals in the maintenance and service of vehicles. (AUT103AA, AUT104AA, AUT105AA, AUT233, AUT210AA)
19. Demonstrate the proper use of test equipment and precision measuring equipment. (AUT103AA, AUT104AA, AUT105AA, AUT233, AUT210AA)
+ indicates course has prerequisites and/or corequisites.
++ indicates that any suffixed course may be selected.
MCCCD Governing Board Approval Date: 10-24-95

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