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Center for Curriculum and Transfer Articulation
Health Care Spanish I: Introduction
Course: SPA117AA

First Term: 2005 Fall
Lecture   1 Credit(s)   1 Period(s)   1 Load  
Subject Type: Occupational
Load Formula: S

Description: Part one of basic medical terminology in Spanish for health care personnel or students. Emphasis on pronunciation and vocabulary needed in health care setting, including coverage of routine information gathered

MCCCD Official Course Competencies
1. Recite Spanish words, using standard stress patterns and intonation. (I)
2. State Spanish greetings, introductions and farewells to clients. (II)
3. Use Spanish vocabulary in describing parts of the body. (III)
4. Describe dates, times, and setting appointments in Spanish. (IV)
5. Explain and direct patients through routine medical procedures. (V)
6. Describe similarities and differences between Hispanic and Anglo health care cultures. (VI)
7. Describe in Spanish, medical specialists and specific branches of medicine. (VII)
MCCCD Official Course Outline
I. Spanish pronunciation
   A. Pronunciation of Spanish sounds
   B. Stress patterns
   C. Intonation
II. Greetings, introductions, farewells
   A. Greetings and farewells
   B. Names and titles
   C. Courtesies and etiquette
III. External parts of the body
IV. Dates and appointments
   A. Numbers
   B. Days of the week
   C. Months of the year and dates
   D. Telling time
   E. Phone numbers
V. Commands and directions
   A. Command forms
   B. Directions for body positions and movements
VI. Cultures
   A. Medical systems and care
   B. Other differences and similarities
VII. Medical specialists and specialties
   A. Medical specialists
   B. Branches of medicine
MCCCD Governing Board Approval Date:  3/22/2005

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