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Center for Curriculum and Transfer Articulation
Career and Personal Development
Course: CPD104

First Term: 2001 Summer I
Lecture   3 Credit(s)   3 Period(s)   3 Load  
Subject Type: Academic
Load Formula: S

Description: An overview of the process of career/life planning through self-awareness and understanding. Focus on specific skill development such as dealing with change, decision making, goal setting and understanding lifestyles. Provides opportunity to evaluate interests, skills and values. Emphasis on the development of a comprehensive career search process which includes current occupational information, specific tools for researching the job market and acquiring employment

MCCCD Official Course Competencies
1. Describe the process of career and life planning. (I)
2. Define and evaluate choices and resources for dealing with change. (IV)
3. Identify specific personal skills and relate these skills to occupations. (V)
4. Identify and translate interests and abilities to occupations. (V)
5. Identify personal values and value conflicts as related to career decision-making. (III)
6. Identify obstacles to decision-making and resources for overcoming these obstacles. (IV)
7. Identify systems for occupational grouping. (VI)
8. Identify and use different sources of occupational information. (VI)
9. Establish long range goals for personal and career development. (IV)
10. Identify stages of adult development and describe their influence on lifestyle. (II)
11. Define and assess individual beliefs and motivations about work.
12. Identify environmental factors and trends, which influence career and/or job choices. (VI)
13. Identify and utilize a variety of effective job search methods. (VII)
14. Design and compose appropriate resumes. (VII)
15. Demonstrate effective job interviewing skills. (VII)
MCCCD Official Course Competencies must be coordinated with the content outline so that each major point in the outline serves one or more competencies. MCCCD faculty retains authority in determining the pedagogical approach, methodology, content sequencing, and assessment metrics for student work. Please see individual course syllabi for additional information, including specific course requirements.
MCCCD Official Course Outline
I. Defining Terms
   A. Career planning
   B. Life planning
II. Adult Development A. Stages B. Life styles
III. Beliefs and Values
   A. Personal
   B. Career
IV. Choices
   A. Change
   B. Decision-making skills
   C. Goal setting
V. Personal Inventory and Assessment
   A. Needs
   B. Interests
   C. Abilities
   D. Skills
   E. Personality Type
   F. Workstyle Options
VI. Occupational Information
   A. Resources/technologies
   B. Theories
   C. Environmental factors
   D. Trends
   E. Diversity
VII. Job Search Methods
   A. Networking and research
   B. Resume
   C. Interviewing skills
MCCCD Governing Board Approval Date:  2/27/2001

All information published is subject to change without notice. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of information presented, but based on the dynamic nature of the curricular process, course and program information is subject to change in order to reflect the most current information available.