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Center for Curriculum and Transfer Articulation
Introduction to Computer Graphic Art
Course: ART100

First Term: 1996 Fall
Lec + Lab   1 Credit(s)   2 Period(s)   1.7 Load  
Subject Type: Occupational
Load Formula: S

Description: Conceptualization, visualization, and production of art using the computer

MCCCD Official Course Competencies
1. Operate a computer. (I)
2. Differentiate between network and hard drive access. (I)
3. Manipulate art and graphics using the computer. (II)
4. Describe principles of menu commands. (II)
5. Use tools available in the software package. (II)
6. Execute art and design projects electronically. (II)
7. Use various electronic input devices. (III)
8. Print hard copy. (III)
MCCCD Official Course Outline
I. Start up the computer
   A. Network
   B. Hard disk
II. Software applications
   A. Menu
   B. Tools
   C. Design considerations
III. Input and output devices
   B. Other
IV. Production of an Image
   A. Printer Procedure
   B. Photographic Procedure
MCCCD Governing Board Approval Date: 12/12/1995

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