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Center for Curriculum and Transfer Articulation
Payroll, Sales and Property Taxes
Course: ACC105

First Term: 1990 Spring
Lecture   3 Credit(s)   3 Period(s)   3 Load  
Course Type: Occupational
Load Formula: S

Description: Tax reporting for payroll, sales, and personal property

MCCCD Official Course Competencies
1. Describe the fundamental payroll tax laws. (I)
2. Identify differences between Federal and Arizona payroll tax acts. (II)
3. Identify methods of maintaining payroll records. (III)
4. Describe coverage requirements under the Federal Insurance Contributions Act. (IV)
5. Define methods of income tax withholding. (V)
6. Describe coverage requirements under Federal and Arizona unemployment tax laws. (VI)
7. Prepare Federal and Arizona payroll tax reports. (VII)
8. Record employee`s earnings transactions. (VIII)
9. Describe rules relating to payroll tax deposits. (IX)
10. List specific methods of accumulating employee earnings data. (X)
11. Identify the payroll tax filing penalties. (XI)
12. Describe purpose and function of Worker`s Compensation Insurance laws. (XII)
13. Prepare Arizona Sale Tax Report. (XIII)
14. Prepare Arizona Personal Property Statement. (XIV)
15. List and describe the tax reporting requirements of specific types of business organizations. (XV)
MCCCD Official Course Outline
I. Overview
   A. Payroll profession
   B. Fair Labor Standards Act
   C. Federal and State payroll laws
II. Payroll Taxes
   A. Income tax withholding laws - Federal and Arizona
   B. Federal Insurance Contribution Act
   C. Unemployment Tax Acts - Federal and Arizona
III. Payroll Records
   A. Determining the employee`s working time
   B. Methods of computing wages and salaries
   C. Methods of paying wages and salaries
IV. Social Security (FICA) Taxes
   A. Coverage under Federal Insurance Contributions Act
   B. Employee`s application for a social security card
   C. Self-employed persons
V. Withholding for Income Taxes
   A. Withholding Certificates - Federal and Arizona
   B. Methods of Withholding
   C. Withholding Arizona Income Taxes
VI. Unemployment Taxes
   A. Coverage under Federal and Arizona Law
   B. Unemployment Compensation Taxes and Credits
   C. Unemployment Compensation Benefits
VII. Payroll Reports
   A. Employer`s Quarterly Federal Tax Return
   B. Arizona Quarterly Report of Income Tax Withheld
   C. Unemployment Compensation Reports - Federal and Arizona
VIII. Accounting for Payroll Transactions
   A. Payroll Register
   B. Employee`s Earnings Record
   C. Recording Payroll Taxes
IX. Payroll Tax Deposits
   A. Nonagricultural workers
   B. Procedures for making deposits
   C. Calculation of required deposit
X. Payroll Accounting Systems
   A. Accounting Board Systems
   B. Mechanical and Electronical Systems
   C. Payroll Processing by Service Bureaus
XI. Payroll Tax Penalties
   A. Failure to file returns
   B. Failure to make timely deposits
   C. Interest rate for tax underpayments
XII. Worker`s Compensation Insurance
   A. Employers Subject to the Law
   B. Earnings to be reported
   C. Premium Rates and Classifications
XIII. Arizona Sales and Use Tax
   A. Rates and Codes
   B. Deductions from Gross Sales
   C. Filing Requirements
XIV. Arizona Personal Property Taxes
   A. Personal Property Statement
   B. Property to Report
   C. Assessment and Lien Dates
XV. Reporting Requirements of Business Organizations
   A. Sole Proprietorship
   B. Corporation
   C. Partnership
MCCCD Governing Board Approval Date: 11/14/1989

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