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Dental Radiography Laboratory
Course: DHE125

First Term: 2021 Fall
Laboratory   1.0 Credit(s)   3.0 Period(s)   3.0 Load  
Course Type: Occupational
Load Formula: T - Lab Load

Description: Radiation safety and infection control procedures for operator and patient. Image receptor placement, exposure, processing, mounting and evaluation of dental radiographs. Operation and maintenance of X-ray and processing equipment. Interpretation of radiographic findings.

MCCCD Official Course Competencies
1. Operate and maintain imaging equipment. (I)
2. Demonstrate infection control procedures while exposing and developing radiographs. (II)
3. Demonstrate radiation protection measures for the patient and operator. (III)
4. Select appropriate types and sizes of radiographic image receptor holders. (IV)
5. Expose, process, and mount intraoral images using the paralleling, bisecting, and modified techniques on various dentitions of mannequins. (V, VII-VIII)
6. Expose, process, and evaluate extraoral images. (VI-VII, IX)
7. Evaluate intraoral radiographs by identifying technique and processing errors and explain measures for corrections. (IX)
8. Identify the anatomical landmarks of the dentition, maxilla, and mandible on radiographs. (X)
9. Identify restorations, atypical, and pathological conditions on radiographs. (XI)
MCCCD Official Course Outline
I. Radiography equipment operation and maintenance
   A. Control unit
   B. X-ray head
   C. X-ray exposing instruments
   D. Processing equipment
II. Infection control
   A. Equipment
   B. Image processing
   C. Standard precautions
III. Radiation protection measures
   A. Patient
   B. Operator
IV. Radiographic image and exposure instruments
   A. Types/sizes
   B. Purpose/use
   C. Selection criteria
V. Intraoral technique
   A. Bisecting technique
   B. Paralleling technique
   C. Modified techniques
   D. Other
VI. Extraoral technique
   A. Panoramic
   B. Other
VII. Radiographic processing
VIII. Radiographic mounting
   A. Full series
   B. Interproximal
IX. Radiographic evaluation
   A. Technique
   B. Processing
   C. Corrections
X. Anatomical landmarks
   A. Dentition
   B. Osseous structures
   C. Periodontium
XI. Interpretation
   A. Restorations
   B. Atypical conditions
   C. Pathological conditions
MCCCD Governing Board Approval Date: November 24, 2020

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