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Center for Curriculum and Transfer Articulation
Introduction to Theatre
Course: THE111

First Term: 2020 Fall
Lecture   3.0 Credit(s)   3.0 Period(s)   3.0 Load  
Course Type: Academic
Load Formula: S

Description: A survey of theatre, including basic elements and principles of production, styles, and/or historical perspectives of theatre, dramatic literature, and criticism.

MCCCD Official Course Competencies
1. Define the theatre as a unique performing art. (I)
2. Read and analyze selected representative plays for plot, purpose, form, characters, and theme. (II)
3. Identify and describe major periods, styles, social issues, and personalities in theatre history. (III)
4. Attend and critique selected theatre performances. (I, II, III, IV)
5. Read and analyze selected scenes from representative plays. (I, II, III, IV)
6. Compose written discourse about theatrical works and issues. (I, II, III, IV)
7. Identify and describe career opportunities in the theatre. (IV)
MCCCD Official Course Outline
I. The Theatre Experience
   A. The theatre as an art form
   B. The actor-audience relationship
   C. Theatre`s uniqueness and conventions
   D. Analysis and criticism of selected plays/scenes
II. Dramatic Structure, Form, and Style
   A. Elements of play construction
   B. Major genres and styles
   C. Analysis and criticism of selected plays/scenes
III. Historical and Contemporary Perspectives
   A. Classical Greek and Roman theatre
   B. Medieval and Renaissance theatre
   C. 18th and 19th Century theatre
   D. Modern and contemporary revolts
   E. Non-Western theatre
IV. Production Personnel and Processes
   A. Producer
   B. Playwright
   C. Actor, dancer, and musician
   D. Director
   E. Designers and physical environment
MCCCD Governing Board Approval Date: 12/13/1994

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