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Center for Curriculum and Transfer Articulation
Intermediate Japanese II
Course: JPN202

First Term: 2018 Fall
Lec + Lab   5.0 Credit(s)   6.0 Period(s)   6.0 Load  
Subject Type: Academic
Load Formula: T Lab Load

Description: Extensive review of Japanese grammar; development of vocabulary and idiomatic expressions through reading and writing. Continued practice of oral communication skills and study of Japanese culture

MCCCD Official Course Competencies
1. Demonstrate comprehension of authentic written and oral passages that include detailed descriptions, feelings and emotions, and honorifics. (I, II)
2. Apply critical thinking skills to analyze and evaluate authentic written text. (I, II)
3. Employ the writing process to provide detailed descriptions, feelings and emotions, and honorifics. (I, II)
4. Demonstrate application of Japanese language skills by asking and answering oral questions to provide detailed descriptions, feelings and emotions, and honorifics, and maintain conversations. (I, II)
5. Use target language to interpret cultural norms, values, and beliefs. (I, II)
MCCCD Official Course Competencies must be coordinated with the content outline so that each major point in the outline serves one or more competencies. MCCCD faculty retains authority in determining the pedagogical approach, methodology, content sequencing, and assessment metrics for student work. Please see individual course syllabi for additional information, including specific course requirements.
MCCCD Official Course Outline
I. Vocabulary and Culture
   A. Health and medicine
   B. Education systems
   C. Traditions, customs, norms, and beliefs
   D. Personal history and career
   E. Communications and media
   F. Nature and environment
II. Grammar and writing systems
   A. Causatives
   B. Passives including adversative passives
   C. Causative-passives
   D. Honorific and humble forms
   E. Conditionals
   F. Concession
   G. Intermediate level Kanji 200 including the ones in JPN201
MCCCD Governing Board Approval Date: December 9, 2014

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