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Center for Curriculum and Transfer Articulation
Landscape Construction Techniques
Course: AGL181

First Term: 2018 Fall
Lec + Lab   3.0 Credit(s)   6.0 Period(s)   6.0 Load  
Subject Type: Occupational
Load Formula: T

Description: The methods used in site preparation, installation of edgings, construction of walks, patios and decks, installation of sprinkler systems, rockscapes and the planting of trees, shrubs, ground covers, and lawns

MCCCD Official Course Competencies
1. Use survey instruments to determine grades and elevations for landscaping applications. (I)
2. Read and interpret landscape blueprints and plans. (II)
3. Operate landscape equipment. (III)
4. Install landscape edgings. (IV)
5. Install and maintain landscape sprinkler systems. (V)
6. Construct retaining and free-standing walls. (VI)
7. Construct walks and patios. (VII)
8. Prepare and install a desertscape. (VIII)
9. Recommend and apply soil amendments. (IX)
10. Plant trees, shrubs, and ground covers. (X)
11. Establish, renovate, and/or maintain a lawn. (XI)
MCCCD Official Course Competencies must be coordinated with the content outline so that each major point in the outline serves one or more competencies. MCCCD faculty retains authority in determining the pedagogical approach, methodology, content sequencing, and assessment metrics for student work. Please see individual course syllabi for additional information, including specific course requirements.
MCCCD Official Course Outline
I. Survey Instruments for Determining Grades and Elevations
   A. Determination of distance between two points
   B. Shooting elevations for level footing
II. Landscape Blueprints and Plans
   A. Reading and interpretation
   B. Preparation of bill of materials
III. Landscape Equipment
   A. Front-end loader and scraper
   B. Steer skid loader
   C. Concrete mixer
IV. Landscape Edgings
   A. Concrete edgings
   B. Brick and mortar edgings
V. Sprinkler Systems
   A. Sweat copper for PVB valve installation
   B. Electric valves and controllers
   C. Pipe
   D. Sprinkler heads, bubblers, and emitters
VI. Walls: Retaining and Free-Standing
   A. Concrete
   B. Block and mortar
VII. Walks and Patios
   A. Concrete
   B. Brick and mortar
VIII. Desertscapes
   A. Inorganic ground cover and boulders
   B. Herbicides
IX. Soil Amendments
X. Trees, Shrubs, and Ground Covers
XI. Lawn Care
   A. Establishing the lawn
   B. Renovating the lawn
   C. Maintaining the lawn
MCCCD Governing Board Approval Date: 12/12/1995

All information published is subject to change without notice. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of information presented, but based on the dynamic nature of the curricular process, course and program information is subject to change in order to reflect the most current information available.