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Center for Curriculum and Transfer Articulation
Introduction to Meat Clerk
Course: MCP101

First Term: 2020 Fall 1
Clock Hours:    184
Grading Basis: CLK

Description: Introduction to the retail meat environment, weight conversions, meat processing, inventory control, basic knife skills, packaging, stocking, and merchandising skills. Emphasis on accuracy, quality, and productivity.

MCCCD Official Course Competencies
1. Practice correct knife sharpening skills. (I, II, IV)
2. Practice safety and sanitation procedures. (I, II, IV, VI)
3. Demonstrate principles of weights and measures to the meat cutting process. (I, III, IV)
4. Demonstrate the principles of inventory control according to health department regulations, including receiving, rotating, and storing meats properly. (V, VII)
5. Use proper packaging and labeling procedures. (VI)
6. Demonstrate proper display and rotation of merchandise in meat and deli counters. (VI)
7. Practice principles of ethics and professionalism within the retail and wholesale environment. (VII)
8. Apply effective customer service practices in the meat cutting retail and wholesale environment. (VII, VIII)
9. Demonstrate effective communication skills in a team environment. (IX)
MCCCD Official Course Outline
I. Safety
   A. Tools and equipment
   B. Slips and falls
   C. Clothing
   D. Lifting
II. Sanitation
   A. Chemical use
   B. Detergents and additives
   C. Clean and sanitize
   D. Assembly and disassembly
   E. Chemical storage
III. Weight conversion
IV. Knife skills
V. Inventory control
   A. Receiving
   B. Handling
   C. Storage
   D. First in first out (FIFO)
   E. Managing inventory
      1. Quantity
      2. Weights
VI. Merchandising
   A. Wrapping
   B. Labeling
   C. Displaying
VII. Ethics and professionalism
   A. Attire
   B. Hygiene
   C. Accountability
   D. Promptness
   E. Attitude
   F. Accuracy
VIII. Customer service
   A. Conduct
   B. Responsiveness
IX. Communication and teamwork
   A. Attitude
   B. Respect
   C. Accountability
Clock Curriculum Committee Approval Date: 5-6-2020

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