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Major: 5095N
Effective Term: 2020 Fall   

Award: CCL  
Total Credits: 12-13
CIP Code: 50.0502

Instructional Council: Theatre Arts (50)
GPA: 2.0
SOC Code: Upon completion of this certificate, students may pursue a career as:
27-4011.00 Audio and Video Equipment Technicians

Description: The Certificate of Completion (CCL) in Technical Theatre: Lighting is designed to provide students with skills in lighting for theatrical performances. Courses Include instruction in basic circuiting and dimmer application, lighting plots, programming, hanging and focus of lighting instruments, light board operation, and safety in the theatre. A Certificate of Completion (CCL) in Technical Theatre and the Associate in Arts, Fine Arts (AAFA), Emphasis in Theatre are also available.

Learning Outcomes
1. Identify the basic nomenclature of stage lighting, including the nature of light, basic optics, reflection systems, instruments types and their applications. (THP201AA, THP201AB, THP202AB, THP213, THP216)
2. Relate electrical theory to stage application. (THP201AA, THP201AB, THP202AB, THP213, THP216, THP263)
3. Apply the theories of stage lighting in regard to different spaces and types of productions. (THP201AA, THP201AB, THP202AB, THP213, THP216)
4. Recognize shop roles and responsibilities including safety protocols. (THP201AA, THP201AB, THP202AB, THP213, THP251)
5. Apply basic circuiting and dimmer application to stage lighting design. (THP201AA, THP201AB, THP202AB, THP213, THP216)
6. Develop lighting plots, instruments schedules, hook-up sheets and show levels. (THP201AA, THP201AB, THP202AB, THP213, THP216, THP263)
Program Notes
This program is not eligible for Title IV Federal Financial Aid.
Students must earn a grade of C or better for all courses required within the program.

Required Courses
THP201AA Theatre Production I (1) OR
THP201AB Theatre Production II (2) OR
THP202AB Theatre Production I Electrics (1) 1-2

THP213 Introduction to Technical Theatre 4
THP216 Beginning Stage Lighting 3
THP251 Safety Practices in Theatre and Film Production 1
THP263 Entertainment Industry Drafting I: 2D CAD 3
Credits: 12-13

+ indicates course has prerequisites and/or corequisites.
++ indicates that any suffixed course may be selected.
MCCCD Governing Board Approval Date: December 10, 2019

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