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Center for Curriculum and Transfer Articulation
Associate in Arts, Elementary Education
Major: 8101
Effective Term: 2023 Fall   
Award Type: AAEE

CIP Code: 13.1202
Program Availability: CG   EM   GC   GW   MC   PC   PV   RS   SC   SM  
Instructional Council: Education
Total Credits: 60-64
GPA: 2.00
SOC Code: Upon completion of this degree, students may pursue a career as:
25-9041.00 Teacher Aide/Instructional Assistant

Upon completion of a bachelor`s degree, students may pursue a career as:
25-2021.00 Elementary School Teacher
25-2052.00 Special Education Teacher, Kindergarten and Elementary

Upon completion of a graduate degree, students may pursue a career as:
11-9032.00 Assistant Principal, Principal, Educational Administrator
21-1012.00 Educational Counselor
25-9031.00 Instructional Designer and Technologists
25-9031.00 Instructional Coordinator/Educational Consultant

Description: The Associate in Arts, Elementary Education (AAEE) provides the first two years of a four year curriculum for the student who plans to transfer to an Elementary Education or Special Education program at an Arizona public higher education institution. Upon completion of the AAEE, a student may pursue employment as a classroom instructional aide. Upon completion of a bachelor`s degree, a student may pursue a career as an elementary school teacher or as a special education teacher. With further education or certification, students may pursue employment in the field of education in a number of careers including but not limited to assistant principal, principal, educational administrator, instructional designer, instructional technologist, instructional coordinator, and educational counselor.

Program Learning Outcomes
1. Evaluate the role and impact of various forms of education in a democracy as an active citizen and participate in their communities in constructive ways that demonstrate respect for differing cultures and values. (EDU110, EDU221, EDU220, EDU222, EDU230, EDU236, EDU/ENH291, EDU/HUM/STO292, GCU/POS113)
2. Demonstrate a foundational knowledge of reading, writing, oral language, mathematics, science, social studies, technology, information literacy and art. (BPC110, CIS105, CFS/ECH176, CFS205, COM225, CRE101, ECN211, ECN212, EDU220, EDU221, EDU222, EDU230, EDU236, EDU/ENH291, EDU/HUM/STO292, GCU121, GCU122, HIS104, MAT256, MAT257, PSY101, [FYC], [HU], [MA], [SG], [SQ])
3. Analyze K-12 classroom field experience and correlate it with course concepts. (EDU220, EDU221, EDU222, EDU236)
4. Demonstrate ongoing learning and use evidence to continually evaluate his/her professional growth, ethics, knowledge, skills, and dispositions (e.g. collaboration, professionalism, reflection, time management, effective communication). (CRE101, EDU110, EDU220, EDU221, EDU222, EDU230, EDU236, [FYC])
5. Utilize a foundational knowledge of child development (e.g. physical, cognitive, linguistic, social, and emotional domains), teaching and learning theories, cultural differences, and/or inclusive educational practices for diverse learners. (CFS/ECH176, CFS205, EDU220, EDU221, EDU222, EDU230, EDU236, EDU/ENH291, EDU/HUM/STO292, MAT256, MAT257, PSY101)
6. Synthesize knowledge of current and historical influences on education at the local, state, federal and/or global levels to effectively engage in the professional policies and the political process. (EDU110, EDU220, EDU221, EDU222, EDU230, EDU236, GCU/POS113)
7. Apply relevant knowledge, skills, and habits of mind to seek career opportunities in the field. (FYE101, FYE103)
Required Courses
EDU221 Introduction to Education 3
EDU222 Introduction to the Exceptional Learner 3
EDU230 Cultural Diversity in Education 3

FYE101 Introduction to College, Career and Personal Success (1) OR
FYE103 Exploration of College, Career and Personal Success (3) 1-3

+ MAT256 Investigating Quantity: Number, Operations, and Numeration Systems 4
+ MAT257 Investigating Geometry, Probability, and Statistics 0-4
Note: MAT257 is required for Maricopa, NAU and UA bachelor`s degree. MAT257 should only be bypassed if transferring to ASU
Credits: 14-20

+ indicates course has prerequisites and/or corequisites.
++ indicates that any suffixed course may be selected.
MCCCD Governing Board Approval Date: June 27, 2023

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