ATF Meeting Report
September 18, 2020   Virtual

Originator: Alecia Mooney
Submitter: Alecia Mooney  
Date Created: 09/18/2020           Date Submitted: 10/13/2020           Status: Approved
Attendance : Arizona State University   Central Arizona College   Cochise College   Eastern Arizona College   Maricopa Community Colleges   Mohave Community College   Northern Arizona University   Pima Community College   University of Arizona   Yavapai College    
Virtual Attendance : All members were virtual via Zoom.  
Next Fall Meeting Date : 9/17/2021  
Next Fall Meeting Time : 10am-12pm  
Next Meeting Location : Virtual  
Next Meeting Chair and Institution : Chase Moore, EAC  
Next Meeting Host and Institution : Chase Moore, EAC and AZ Transfer Facilitator (virtual)  
Meeting Type : Virtual (Online or Teleconference)  
Spring Meeting Information :  
No Data Changes : Yes - ATF Requested Changes  
Changes to the CEG : All CEG lists from Portal page were checked. These are the only changes:

ASU -Delete rules for Central EIT 196, MHL 196 & MHL 296, MUP 196 & MUP 296. NPC - MUS 199

Note :  
Changes to Common Course Matrices :  
Changes to Majors on Common Course Matrix : ASU - new degree - BA in Popular Music - also new prefix "MSC"
ASU - BA - Interdisciplinary Studies (ASU) Arts & Performance (Add to Portal Page, not matrix).
ASU - Add the following prefixes to the portal page: MSC and IAP. The prefix IAP aligns with the Interdisciplinary degree for Arts & Performance.

UA degree - BMUS degree - remove the US - it is just a BM degree.

Changes to Exam Equivalency Matrices : Due to Covid, AP is not sending subscores this year (no Non-Aural or Aural) for Music. This is only temporary, so no changes needed on the AP Matrix.

IB - SL - the link on the AZ Transfer site for both SL & HL should be updated to show the current subject brief. NAU showed the differences between the two and would like to offer credit for the SL - would like the other institutions to look at this closer and consider accepting the SL as well for alignment purposes.

This group worked a lot on exams at the 2018 ATF and the scores were reported, but are not showing on exam matrices anymore. The CC's remember discussing that these exams are very general and are not going to count toward their degree. Also, the elective credit won't help the student at the CC for their degree, so why accept them?  
Record of Voting : Music Meeting Minutes Fall 2019 - approved
Addition of 2 new SUN courses - Music Theory I & II - approved (they meet the SUN criteria).  
AGEC Information :  
Additional Comment/ Discussion Items : Notetaker for this meeting - Marg Schmidt, ASU

Issues Raised : Please add Music Theory I and II to the SUN. Unanimous vote to approve by group. Currently, only Music Theory III & IV are SUN courses. See Music Common Course Matrix for a list of the SUN courses to be entered for each institution.

Some frustration shown by community colleges when the universities make curriculum changes and don't notify or discuss it with them ahead of time. Request made for the universities to talk about future curriculum changes with the CC's throughout the year, not just at the ATF each year. One idea of action was to possibly set up a separate group - Facebook group - to post new changes.
Chair will send an email for an idea of a very basic action plan.  
Curriculum Planning : UA - is eliminating undergraduate ensembles. They will now be 400-level (for HLC purposes). These courses are co-convened and listed in the catalog. This is the new normal.

ASU - has a new Popular Music program (BA) and is looking to articulate coursework with the community colleges. Also Music and Theatre are combining.

UA - Music Therapy degree launching in Fall 2021. BA program will be changing.

NAU - Launching a reimagine curriculum. Continuing discussion on the future of music for the next century.

See Minutes attachment below for additional institutional reports.  
ASSIST Report Comments : From Fast Facts Slide - This group would like to know if ASSIST will provide specific data on students who start at the university, go back to the community college and then return to the university. The timing of when they start at one place, go to the next place and then return is an important factor. This would show relationships between the universities and community colleges are actually stronger than they appear.

It would also be beneficial to capture how many students are enrolled full time in one setting and are simultaneously enrolled at the other.

Also, how does our data in AZ compare to other states in the US?  

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