Early Childhood Non-Certification Major Guide 2022-2023

Maricopa Community Colleges

Early childhood education focuses on the development of children from birth to grade 3. Students gain the skills to assess, monitor, and report the progress of all children. Techniques and approaches to involve family in the development of their children are also studied. Traditional coursework is enhanced with internships, clinical experiences, and collaborations with practicing educators in preK-3 classrooms. Early childhood education majors who want to teach in a public school must also pass the Arizona Educator Exams (AEPA/NES). For more information about the different types of employment opportunities in the early childhood field, visit: Arizona Early Childhood Career and Professional Development Network website:

and the Child Care Services Association T.E.A.C.H. National Center:

For this major, it may not be beneficial to complete an AGEC. Please speak to your community college advisor for more information.

    Associate's Degree
    An associate's degree is comprised of 60-64 community college credits. Below is information specific to your major.


  AGEC Requirement
For this major, it may not be beneficial to complete an AGEC. Please speak to your community college advisor for more information.
  Maricopa Community Colleges Courses
The courses listed below are recommended if you plan to transfer to a university and study Early Childhood Non-Certification.
Child Growth and DevelopmentCFS 176 or ECH 176 or CFS 235 or EED 205
Child Observation and AssessmentEED 280 or (ECH 140 and ECH 270)
Curriculum and Learning EnvironmentsEED 278 or (ECH 272 & ECH/CFS 273 & ECH/CFS 275 & ECH 279)
Effective InteractionsEED 212 or (ECH/CFS 271 & ECH 282 & CFS 282)
Family and Community PartnershipsEED 225 or EDU 230
Health, Safety, and Nutrition(CFS 123 & CFS 125) or EED 215
ProfessionalismECH 253 or ECH 255 or ECH 269 or EED 200 or EED 255
Program ManagementCFS 206

Bachelor's Degrees & Majors

  Bachelor's Degree for Early Childhood Non-Certification
Arizona State UniversityBASEarly Childhood Studies
Northern Arizona UniversityBASApplied Science - Early Childhood
Northern Arizona UniversityUCERTEarly Childhood Education
Northern Arizona UniversityBInterdisciplinary Studies - Early Childhood
UAZ Online & Distance EducationBASApplied Science: Early Childhood Education
2 Semesters
UAZ Online & Distance EducationBASEarly Childhood Studies
2nd Semester Proficiency

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