Center for Curriculum and Transfer Articulation
Major: 5828
First Term: 2015 Summer   
Award: CCL  
Total Credits: 18-22
CIP Code: 31.0504
Occupational Area: Business, Management, and Administration

Instructional Council: Exercise Science, Health and PE, Recreation and Wellness (32)

GPA: 2.0
SOC Code: 27-2022

Description: The Certificate of Completion (CCL) in Sports Management program examines the expanding field of sports management. Includes management in professional sports, community sports, and non-profit sporting organizations, as well as related business practices such as accounting and marketing. Explores job opportunities in intercollegiate and interscholastic athletics, professional sports, sports marketing and sales, public relations, facility management, and sporting event management along with consideration of the educational requirements for each.

Required Courses
EXS150 Introduction to Sports Management 3
NMS160 Sports Media Careers 3
ACC111 Accounting Principles I 3
MKT271 Principles of Marketing 3

+EXS205 Introduction to Sports Law (3) OR
GBS205 Legal, Ethical and Regulatory Issues in Business (3) 3

+EXS270AA Sports and Athletics Internship (1) OR
+GBS270AA Business Internship (1) OR
Relevant workforce experience approved by program director 0-1
Credits: 15-16

Program Competencies
1. Identify career opportunities in sport management. (EXS150)
2. Describe the organizations, overarching principles, and common practices in sports management industry. (EXS150)
3. Identify contemporary societal factors affecting sports management. (NMS160)
4. Describe the evolution and importance of the various types of media in sports management. (NMS160)
5. Use basic accounting principles to develop and maintain business financial records. (ACC111)
6. Describe important aspects of an effective marketing plan and/or promotional program. (MKT271)
7. Distinguish and evaluate the efficacy of various advertising and promotion strategies. (MKT271)
8.Apply general principles to development of a sports-related marketing plan and/or promotional program. (MKT271)
9. Describe legal aspects of business management, including regulation, licensing, reporting, and compliance requirements and and their application to sports-related professions. (EXS205, GBS205)
10. Apply relevant concepts, practices and skills from program to complete individualized sports management project(s). (EXS270AA, GBS270AA)
MCCCD Governing Board Approval Date: February 24, 2015

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