Center for Curriculum and Transfer Articulation
Major: 3094
First Term: 2020 Fall   
Award: AAS
Total Credits: 61-66
CIP Code: 52.1401
Occupational Area: Marketing, Sales, and Service

Instructional Council: Business/Management (03)
GPA: 2.0
SOC Code: Upon completion of this degree, students may pursue a career as:
11-2011 Advertising and Promotions Managers
11-2022 Sales Managers
41-1011 First-Line Supervisors of Retail Sales Workers
41-3011 Advertising Sales Agents
41-4012 Sales Representatives, Wholesale and Manufacturing

Description: The Associate in Applied Science (AAS) in Marketing and Sales program is designed to develop competencies essential for success in marketing and personal selling. By completing this program, students will be better equipped for successful performance in a variety of marketing/management occupations, including wholesaling, retailing, professional sales, and entrepreneurship. Certificates of Completion (CCL) in Marketing and Social Media Marketing are available.

Required Courses
ACC111 Accounting Principles I 3

BPC110 Computer Usage and Applications (3) OR
CIS105 Survey of Computer Information Systems (3) 3

GBS151 Introduction to Business 3

GBS120 Workplace Communication Skills (3) OR
+ GBS233 Business Communication (3) 3

MKT110 Marketing and Social Networking 3
MKT263 Advertising Principles 3
MKT267 Principles of Sales 3
MKT271 Principles of Marketing 3
Credits: 24

Learning Outcomes
1. Use basic mathematics and accounting principles to manage the financial health of an organization. (ACC111, [MA])
2. Apply current technology to specific business tasks. (CIS105, BPC110, CIS103)
3. Apply effective oral, written, and visual business communication skills. (GBS120, GBS233, [FYC], (COM))
4. Demonstrate critical thinking through written and oral formats. (GBS120, GBS151, GBS205, GBS233, SBU200, [FYC], [HU], [SG], [SQ], (COM))
5. Apply functions of modern business, including business principles, marketing, labor relations, and risk analysis to business situations. (GBS151, IBS101, MGT251)
6. Analyze legal, ethical and social implications of business decisions and their impact on various individuals, groups and societies. (ACC111, GBS151, GBS205, MGT251, MKT271, MKT+++, SBU200, [HU])
7. Apply functions of modern business, including business principles, marketing, labor relations, and risk to business situations. (GBS151, GBS205, MGT251, MKT271, MKT+++)
8. Analyze marketing research to create marketing plans and forecasts. (GBS151, MGT251, MKT271, MKT+++)
9. Create an ethically and socially responsible social media campaign. (MKT110, MKT271, MKT263, MKT+++)
10. Analyze business advertising scenarios in the context of target markets. (MKT263, MKT271, MKT+++)
11. Evaluate customers, company, product and/or service, competitor and marketplace information in order to facilitate the selling process. (MGT126, MKT267, MKT271, MKT+++)
12. Apply techniques for negotiating, overcoming objections, and customer service activities. (MKT110, MKT267)
MCCCD Governing Board Approval Date: June 25, 2019

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