Center for Curriculum and Transfer Articulation
Major: 3094
First Term: 2017 Fall   
Award: AAS
Total Credits: 61-64
CIP Code: 52.1401
Occupational Area: Marketing, Sales, and Service

Instructional Council: Business/Management (03)
GPA: 2.0
SOC Code: 11-2011, 11-2021, 11-2022, 13-1161, 25-1011  

Description: The Associate in Applied Science (AAS) in Marketing program meets students` needs by providing skills necessary for marketing careers. The program is designed to develop competencies essential for success in marketing. By completing this program, students will be better equipped to apply competencies needed for successful performance in a variety of marketing/management occupations, including wholesaling, retailing, professional sales, and entrepreneurship. A Certificate of Completion (CCL) is also available.

Suggested Course Plan Sequenced by Semester: PC, PV

Required Courses
ACC111 Accounting Principles I 3

BPC110 Computer Usage and Applications (3) OR
CIS105 Survey of Computer Information Systems (3) 3

GBS151 Introduction to Business 3
+GBS233 Business Communication 3
MGT251 Human Relations in Business 3
MKT110 Marketing and Social Networking 3
MKT263 Advertising Principles 3
MKT267 Principles of Salesmanship 3
MKT271 Principles of Marketing 3
Credits: 27

Program Competencies
1. Use basic accounting principles to develop and maintain business financial records. (ACC111)
2. Analyze and apply word processing program features to create, edit, manipulate, format, print, and store common business documents. (BPC110, CIS105)
3. Construct, test, implement, and analyze spreadsheets that solve financial, mathematical, and statistical problems in business. (BPC110, CIS105)
4. Analyze, design, and create a database to extract, sort, calculate, and report business data. (BPC110, CIS105)
5. Design, create, and execute an artistic presentation to include graphics and animation. (BPC110, CIS105)
6. Identify the fundamental characteristics and functions of modern business, including business principles, marketing, labor relations, and business risk. (GBS151)
7. Use common business terms and vocabulary in oral and written communication, adhering to correct English, spelling, and punctuation rules. (GBS233)
8. Describe current management issues, decision-making techniques, and leadership styles. (MGT251)
9. Describe human relations challenges faced by the individual and the business organization. (MGT251)
10. Describe the history of social media and social media planning. (MKT110)
11. Analyze social media platforms, ethics and social responsibility. (MKT110)
12. Create a social media campaign.(MKT110)
13. Identify advertising objectives for a business situation and analyze a business situation in the context of its market. (MKT263)
14. Identify the characteristics of a given market and select the appropriate media for the market. (MKT263)
15. Demonstrate how customers, company, product and/or service, competitor and marketplace information can facilitate the selling process. (MKT267)
16. List and describe the major techniques for negotiating and overcoming objections, the types of buying signals, how to close a sale, and the major types of follow-up and customer service activities. (MKT267)
17. Describe basic marketing principles as they relate to a corporate business structure and a local entrepreneur. (MKT271)
MCCCD Governing Board Approval Date: June 16, 2015

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