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Center for Curriculum and Transfer Articulation
Opportunities in Production
Course: THP268

First Term: 2011 Spring
Lec + Lab   3 Credit(s)   5 Period(s)   4.4 Load  
Course Type: Occupational
Load Formula: S

Description: Provides the continuing design student, dramaturge, stage management and technical director students with opportunities to expand the versatility of professional skills. Emphasis on relating their work to the total production process. Linking design ideas to production concept. Maintain dramaturge, stage manager documentation. Practical application of student work for portfolio development.

MCCCD Official Course Competencies
1. Analyze script by identifying key elements of dramatic structure. (I)
2. Select and prepare research document for production by evaluating historical period and character analysis. (II)
3. Create Concept with Design Metaphor by identifying textual themes. (III)
4. Collaborate with the Director using design metaphors. (IV)
5. Manage production work using predetermined deadlines. (V)
6. Demonstrate execution of design metaphor in realized production. (VI)
7. Evaluate the individual production experience as it relates to the production as a whole. (VII)
MCCCD Official Course Outline
I. Script Analysis
   A. Read script
   B. Identify script style
   C. History of the author and their environment
   D. Identify given circumstance
II. Document Preparation for Production
   A. Time period of the script
      1. Culture
      2. Architectural
      3. Fashion
      4. Art work of the time period
   B. Current time period of the production
      1. Cultural movements
      2. Political events
      3. Current art work
   C. Character and their conditions
      1. Economic standing
      2. Physiological condition
      3. Physical condition
      4. Environment needs
III. Concept Creation
   A. Theme of the script
   B. Dramatic action of the script
   C. Author intended statement
   D. Form an opinion about the script
   E. Design metaphor
   F. Base design concept
IV. Collaboration with the Director
   A. Meet with director
   B. Research and maintain documentation
   C. Production meeting schedule and document
   D. Present relevant research
   E. Production concept
   F. Rehearsal schedule
   G. Design roughs and final design renderings or model and other paperwork for set, set dressings, properties, costume, lighting, audio, make-up and projections
   H. Working drawings for given design areas
V. Production Work
   A. Prompt book
   B. Dramaturge packet to distribute to cast and production team
   C. Actor`s fittings and other necessary production work with director and design
   D. Attend and document all rehearsals
   E. Maintain design area budget document
   F. Work on creating design
   G. Maintain deadlines
   H. Call performance as well as dress and technical rehearsals
VI. Application
   A. Tech week
   B. Practical design documentation on display for opening night
   C. Outside department adjudicators for critical feedback
   D. Document design work with production photographs
VII. Production Evaluation
   A. Evaluation document
      1. Analyzes of the overall experience
      2. Student`s personal review of their performance
      3. Constructive criticism of the class performance
   B. In-class discussion
      1. Review strengths and weaknesses of the production
      2. Adjudicators for critical feedback
MCCCD Governing Board Approval Date: 11/23/2010

All information published is subject to change without notice. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of information presented, but based on the dynamic nature of the curricular process, course and program information is subject to change in order to reflect the most current information available.