Center for Curriculum and Transfer Articulation
Drawing and Rendering
Course: INT145

First Term: 2010 Fall
Lec + Lab   3 Credit(s)   6 Period(s)   5.1 Load  
Course Type: Occupational
Load Formula: S

Description: Development of basic freehand sketching and perspective drawing skills. Explores styles and techniques with emphasis on quick sketch and presentation type drawings as used by design professionals.

MCCCD Official Course Competencies
1. Visualize design concepts through sketching. (I)
2. Apply design elements and principles while rendering. (II)
3. Use drafting equipment appropriately to demonstrate proficiency in lettering skills. (III)
4. Demonstrate ability to create two-dimensional renderings. (IV)
5. Demonstrate ability to create three-dimensional renderings. (V)
MCCCD Official Course Outline
I. Visualization Through Sketching
   A. Sketching skills
      1. Shade and shadow
      2. Line weight
      3. Overlay techniques
      4. Texture
   B. Visualizing and designing space volumetrically
II. Theories of Design Composition
   A. Design elements
   B. Design principles
III. Drafting and Lettering Skills
   A. Use of drafting equipment
   B. Architectural lettering
IV. Projecting Two-Dimensional Rendering Solutions
   A. Floor plans with texture, material, shadow
   B. Projecting elevations from floor plan
   C. Representing interior materials
V. Projecting Three-Dimensional Rendering Solutions
   A. Viewing space volumetrically
   B. Creating paraline drawings
      1. Drawing one-point perspectives
      2. Drawing two-point perspectives
   C. Representing interior materials and textures
      2. Proportional Scale
      3. Overlay Techniques
      4. Shade and Shadow
IV. Two-Point Perspective
   A. Construction
      1. Room Cavities and Shapes
      2. Furniture
      3. Entourage
      4. Shade and Shadow
   B. Sketching
      1. Character and Line Work
      2. Proportional Scale
      3. Overlay Shadow
      4. Shade and Shadow
V. Paraline Drawings
   A. Isometric
   B. Oblique
   C. Axonometric
MCCCD Governing Board Approval Date: 4/27/2010

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