Center for Curriculum and Transfer Articulation
Anthropology of Sport
Course: ASB252

First Term: 2007 Spring
Lecture   3 Credit(s)   3 Period(s)   3 Load  
Course Type: Academic
Load Formula: S

Description: Cross-cultural examination of symbolic and social dimensions of sports, past and present

MCCCD Official Course Competencies
1. Explain the relationship between anthropology and sport. (I)
2. Describe the prehistory, history, society, and culture in sport. (II)
3. Explain the meaning of sport from a cultural perspective. (III)
4. Define the models in the theory and method of sport. (IV)
5. Explore sport and cultural identity. (V)
6. Describe the evolutionary development of sport. (VI)
7. Evaluate sport and culture change. (VII)
8. Explore the connection between culture, sport, and ritual. (VIII)
9. Articulate a breadth of understanding learned from the study of anthropology and sport. (IX)
MCCCD Official Course Outline
I. Introduction to Anthropology
   A. Definition of culture
   B. Anthropological concepts and approaches
   C. Anthropology and sports and culture
II. Prehistory, history, society, and culture in sport
   A. Origin of Sport
   B. Conflict vs sport in small scale societies
   C. Archaeological Record: Ballgame in MesoAmerica and North America
   D. Olympics and Greece
   E. Emperors and Gladiators
   F. African Running
III. Sport and Culture
   A. The meaning of culture
   B. The cultural approach to sport (work and leisure, play, work, games, ritual, conflict)
   C. Sport as social integration
IV. Theory and Method of Sport
   A. Explanatory Models
   B. Interpretive Models
   C. Ethnographic Description
V. Sport and Cultural Identity
   A. Documenting America-Ethnographies of Inner-City Basketball
   B. Baseball, Cricket, and Social Change
   C. Sport in chiefdoms and states
   D. Sport, Recreation, and Physical Education
   E. Gender and Sport
   F. Sport and National Identity
VI. Sport in Culture: An Evolutionary Perspective
   A. Evolutionary Models
   B. Band Society Case Studies: Native Australians, Inuit, South America, North America
   C. Chiefdom Society Case Studies: North America, Polynesia (e.g., Trobriand Cricket)
   D. State Society Case Studies: Africa, Asia (e.g., Baseball in Japan; Sports and Identity in Rural Thailand)
   E. Modern Society: Industrialization and Sport
VII. Sport and Culture Change
   A. Rugby and Soccer: Sport as a Transcendent Unifying Force
   B. Baseball, Cricket, and Social Change
   C. Michael Jordan and American Popular Culture
   D. Baseball and the Cold War
VIII. Culture, Sport, and Ritual
   A. Baseball Magic
   B. The World through Horseplay
   C. Drugs and Sport
   D. Heroes in Sports
IX. What does Sport Teach Us?
   A. Sport and Social Change
   B. Sport and Women
   C. Sport and Multiculturalism
   D. Sport and Violence
   E. Sport and International Relations
   F. Sport and the Modern World
MCCCD Governing Board Approval Date:  3/27/2007

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