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Major: 2182N
First Term: 2019 Fall 1   
Award: CCT
Total Clock Hours: 1600
CIP Code: 12.0401
Initiating College: Gateway Community College
SOC Code: 39-5012.00

Description: As a cosmetologist, students will provide beauty services such as shampooing and conditioning, cutting, coloring, perming, and styling hair. Additionally, students will braid, press, curl and relax hair, design hairstyles, and provide nail and skin services. All work will be performed safely using proper disinfection and sanitation techniques. Students will graduate from the program with the skills and knowledge necessary for establishing and maintaining a clientele, state laws pertaining to cosmetologists, as well as business management skills to start and manage a salon. Upon completing the Cosmetologist program, students will be prepared to sit for the Arizona State Board of Cosmetology licensing exam.

Required Courses
CEA101 Cosmetology Concepts and Basic Clinic 388
+ CEA105 Cosmetology Concepts and Basic Clinic II 412
+ CEA110 Cosmetology Advanced Clinic and Certification Prep 388
+ CEA115 Cosmetology Advanced Clinic and Certification Prep II 412
Clock Hours: 1600

Program Competencies
1. Identify and understand basic needs of a healthy body and effective communication. (CEA101)
2. Demonstrate and apply proper infection control and safety techniques. (CEA101)
3. Identify basic anatomy of the skeletal system. (CEA101)
4. Explain basic hair theory and hair care principles. (CEA101)
5. Explain basic principles of hair design. (CEA101)
6. Demonstrate proper basic hair cutting techniques. (CEA101)
7. Explain and demonstrate basics in hair styling procedures. (CEA101)
8. Describe and apply basics in chemical texture hair services. (CEA101)
9. Explain and demonstrate proper basic hair coloring procedures and products. (CEA101)
10. Identify and understand basic needs in human relations. (CEA105)
11. Explain the fundamental basic concepts of microbiology in cosmetology. (CEA105)
12. Describe and apply knowledge of concepts learned in anatomy and physiology. (CEA105)
13. Demonstrate proper design decisions in hair formations. (CEA105)
14. Explain the fundamental concepts of electricity in cosmetology. (CEA105)
15. Describe and identify the factors related to chemistry in cosmetology. (CEA105)
16. Identify and explain operating principles in salon business and methodology. (CEA105)
17. Demonstrate proper applications in wigs and hair addition applications. (CEA105)
18. Identify and explain methods and tools needed for Arizona State Board of Cosmetology licensure. (CEA105)
19. Apply skills learned on live and mock models in a salon setting. (CEA105)
20. Explain and identify the fundamental concepts of nail theory. (CEA110)
21. Demonstrate proper nail care services and applications. (CEA110)
22. Explain and identify the fundamental concepts of skin theory. (CEA110)
23. Demonstrate proper skin care services and hair removal. (CEA110)
24. Describe factors needed to properly apply makeup applications. (CEA110)
25. Describe and demonstrate tools needed to complete a proper haircut. (CEA110)
26. Explain and demonstrate advanced hair cutting procedures and techniques. (CEA110)
27. Describe, identify, and demonstrate proper tools and procedures used in advanced hair color applications and techniques. (CEA110)
28. Explain the physical foundation of the body and systems that benefit from services learned in cosmetology. (CEA110)
29. Demonstrate advanced nail and skin care services. (CEA110)
30. Apply advanced practical skills learned on live and mock models in a salon setting. (CEA110)
31. Demonstrate proper infection control procedures and first aid. (CEA115)
32. Demonstrate and explain advanced chemical texture services and tools. (CEA115)
33. Demonstrate proper client consultation during design decisions and considerations. (CEA115)
34. Identify client needs and describe tools and products needed to achieve desired service. (CEA115)
35. Demonstrate and explain understanding of learned skills through rubric, written, and practical assessment. (CEA115)
36. Demonstrate Arizona State Board of Cosmetology expectations and procedures. (CEA115)
37. Apply and demonstrate learned concepts in practical applications to successfully pass final written exam with 80% or better. (CEA115)
38. Apply and describe learned concepts in theory to successfully pass final written exam with 80% or better. (CEA115)
39. Identify and apply tools and resources needed to gain employment in the beauty industry. (CEA115)
+ indicates course has prerequisites and/or corequisites.
++ indicates that any suffixed course may be selected.
Clock Curriculum Committee Approval Date: 5-1-2019

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