Center for Curriculum and Transfer Articulation
Associate in Arts, Social Work
Major: 8117
First Term: 2019 Fall
Award Type: AA

CIP Code: 44.0701
Program Availability: CG, EM, GC, GW, MC, PC, PV, RS, SC, SM
Total Credits: 60-75
GPA: 2.0
SOC Code: The AA in Social Work prepares students for the following paraprofessional positions in areas such as veterans services, corrections, and other social service agencies:

21-1093.00 Social and Human Service Assistants

Additionally, this AA provides much of the foundational coursework required for entry into higher education programs that lead to employment in the following specialty areas:
21-1021.00 Child, Family, and School Social Workers
21-1022.00 Healthcare Social Workers
21-1023.00 Mental Health and Substance Abuse Social Workers
11-9151.00 Social and Community Service Managers
21-1092.00 Probation Officers and Correctional Treatment Specialists
21-1094.00 Community Health Workers

With a BSW, students can receive their MSW in one year (advanced standing) which is the required minimum education for the following career fields:
Policy Administration and Community Practice

Description: The Associate in Arts (AA), Social Work provides the first two years of a four year curriculum for students intending to transfer into a baccalaureate program to earn a Bachelor of Social Work. With a Bachelor of Social Work, students can receive their Master Social Work in one year (advanced standing) which is the required minimum education for the following career fields: Clinical/Psychotherapy and Policy Administration and Community Practice.

Program Learning Outcomes
1. Apply a foundational understanding of evidence based social work practice with individuals, families, groups, community and social action groups. (SWU130, SWU171, SWU181, SWU225, SWU250, SWU258, SWU282++, SWU291, PAD200)
2. Demonstrate self-awareness and explain the implications of one`s own personal, cultural values, beliefs and biases toward groups that are different than one`s self. (SWU130, SWU171, SWU181, SWU225, SWU250, SWU258, SWU282++, SWU291, SWU295, CRE101, PSY101, REC120, SOC101, [FYC], [HU], (COM))
3. Practice self-care techniques that promote health, wellness, work-life balance and longevity in the field. (PHI101, PHI105, SWU130, SWU183, SWU250, SWU258, SWU282++, SWU291, REC120)
4. Employ social work ethical principles to guide professional practice. (SWU130, SWU171, SWU225, SWU250, SWU258, SWU291, SWU295, AJS212, [HU])
5. Interpret and apply understanding of history and policy as it relates to social work to address social justice and economic well-being and the delivery of effective social work services. (SWU130, SWU171, SWU181, SWU250, SWU258, SWU295, ECN211, PAD100, POS110, PAD200)
6. Engage clients using culturally responsive communication skills differentially across diverse and vulnerable client populations and communities to build trust, relationship and rapport toward mutually agreed upon change. (SWU130, SWU250, SWU258, SWU295, AJS270, CRE101, SOC101, [FYC], [HU], (COM))
7. Demonstrate professional writing skills using clear documentation and accurate reports, visual presentations and use of technology skills to enhance effective case management to accomplish competency-based goals.(SWU291, SWU295, [FYC], [SG], [SQ], CRE101)
8. Conduct evidence-based assessments to develop and evaluate social work practice intervention plans with input from one`s own profession as well as multidisciplinary teams. (SWU291, SWU295, AJS270, PAD100, PAD200,[MA])
9. Identify and differentiate between facts, opinion, assumption, hypothesis, and conclusions to explain the impact of institutional racism, sexism and ageism on clients, communities and social work practice. (SWU130, SWU171, SWU181, SWU225, SWU250, SWU258, SWU295, AJS225, AJS270, ECN211, PAD100, PAD200, PSY101, SOC101, [HU], [MA], [SG], [SQ], CRE101)
10. Use the various roles of case management such as knowledge of community resources, broker, advocate, networking and referral to inform social work practice. (SWU130, SWU250, SWU258, AJS212, AJS270)
Required Courses
+ SWU171 Introduction to Social Welfare 3
+ SWU291 Social Service Delivery Systems 3
SWU295 Effective Helping in a Diverse World 3

SWU181 Economics: A Social Issues Perspective (3) OR
ECN211 Macroeconomic Principles (3) 3

PSY101 Introduction to Psychology (3) OR
SOC101 Introduction to Sociology (3) 3

SWU182 A Social Services Perspective of Government (3) OR
POS110 American National Government (3) 3

SWU183 Introductory Ethics: A Social Service Perspective (3) OR
PHI101 Introduction to Philosophy (3) OR
PHI105 Introduction to Ethics (3) 3
Credits: 21

MCCCD Governing Board Approval Date: December 11, 2018

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