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Arizona State University Northern Arizona University University of Arizona
      (C) - Cultural Diversity
      (CS) - Computer/statistics/quantitative
      (G) - Global awareness
      (H) - Historical awareness
      (HU) - Humanities, Arts & Design
      (L) - Literacy and Critical Inquiry
      (MA) - Mathematics
      (SB) - Social-Behavioral sciences
      (SG) - Natural Science general
      (SQ) - Natural science quantitative
      Aesthetic & Humanistic Inquiry [AHI]
      Aesthetic & Humanistic Inquiry, Ethnic [AHIE]
      Aesthetic & Humanistic Inquiry, Global [AHIG]
      Cultural Understanding & Ethnic [CUE]
      Cultural Understanding & Global [CUG]
      Cultural Understanding [CU]
      Foundation Requirement [FNRQ]
      Global Diversity [GLB]
      Lab Science [LAB]
      Science & Applied Science [SAS]
      Social & Political Worlds and Ethnic [SPWE]
      Social & Political Worlds and Global [SPWG]
      Social and Political Worlds [SPW]
      US Ethnic Diversity [ETNC]
      Gen Ed Diversity Emphasis (DE)
      T1 Trads & Clts/ T2 Hum/T 1-2 Ind & Soc (TI)
      T1 Trads & Cultures/T2 Hum (TH)
      Tier 1 & 2 Individuals & Societies (IS)
      Tier 1 & 2 Natural Sciences (NS)
      Tier 1 Individuals & Societies (INDV)
      Tier 1 Natural Sciences (NATS)
      Tier 1 Traditions & Cultures (TRAD)
      Tier 2 Arts (AR)
      Tier 2 Arts (ARTS)
      Tier 2 Arts/Traditions & Cultures (AT)
      Tier 2 Humanities (HUM)
      Tier 2 Individuals & Societies (IND2)
      Tier 2 Natural Sciences (NAT2)