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RSVP Mathematics Meeting

Date:   October 05, 2018
Time:   9:45am-11:45am
Location:   Gateway Community College, IE Building, Room 1234
Agenda:   View Agenda

If you need to make a change to your RSVP, please contact AZTransfer staff: cien@aztransfer.com.

This page is a view only list of the RSVPs for the meeting. In a separate email, you should have received the link for submitting your RSVP.

29 Member Responses
  Yes = 18     No = 11
In Person = 17   Remotely = 1   Alternate = 8
Contact Attending In Person
Sotero Alvarado, AWC YES Remotely
Brian Beaudrie, NAU YES In Person
Eli Blake, Northland YES In Person
Jennifer Broatch, ASU NO Alternate
Andy Burch, Estrella YES In Person
Brian Burson, Northland YES In Person
Dahwei Chang, AWC YES In Person
Laurel Clifford, Mohave YES In Person
Nina Corson, Pima YES In Person
Beverly Demaline, Central YES In Person
Suzanne Galayda, ASU NO Alternate
Angela Garcia, Cochise YES In Person
David Graser, Yavapai NO Alternate
John Hagood, NAU NO Alternate
Mike Hamm, PVCC NO NO
Catherine Kerrey, ASU NO Alternate
Kathryn Kozak, Coconino YES In Person
Cien Luke, AZTransfer YES In Person
Linda Meng, CGCC YES In Person
Chris Miller, Glendale NO Alternate
Steve Roark, Cochise YES In Person
Kelly Robles, AZTransfer NO Alternate
Tina Schuster Moore, UA YES In Person
Mary Sibayan, Pima YES In Person
Donna Slaughter, Scottsdale NO NO
Marianne Smith, South Mtn NO NO
Scott Surgent, ASU YES In Person
Cliff Thompson, Eastern YES In Person
Stephen Wirkus, ASU NO Alternate

8 Meeting Comment(s)
2018-08-14 17:00:24 Etc/GMT
Kelly Robles
Alternate: AZTransfer Facilitator
2018-08-14 21:09:12 Etc/GMT
Cien Luke
Alternate: AZTransfer Facilitator
2018-09-05 01:46:01 Etc/GMT
David Graser
Alternate: Molly Beauchman
2018-09-24 16:04:47 Etc/GMT
Suzanne Galayda
Alternate: unknown
2018-09-24 20:49:46 Etc/GMT
Jennifer Broatch
Alternate: TBD
2018-09-26 15:03:52 Etc/GMT
Marianne Smith
Alternate: Andy Burch
2018-09-26 15:37:02 Etc/GMT
Stephen Wirkus
Alternate: null
2018-09-26 18:46:38 Etc/GMT
Chris Miller
Alternate: Laura Watkins
Pending Responses
    Molly Beauchman, Yavapai
    Kisha Calbert, Pima
    Marta Civil, UA
    Jennie Conway, Pima
    Anthony Dougherty, Central
    Linda Friedel, Central
    Alejandrina Garza, Central
    Angelica Gonzalez, AWC
    Elaine Groggett, AWC
    Jorge Guarin, TOCC
    Maxie Inigo, Coconino
    Jennifer Jameson, Coconino
    John Jensen, Rio Salado
    Ana Jimenez, Pima
    Donald Jones, ASU
    Sue Lafond, ASU
    Maya Lanzetta, Coconino
    Richard Lee, TOCC
    Kevin Lin, UA
    Fabio Milner, ASU
    Ray Orr, Eastern
    Miriam Pack, Glendale
    Deborah Primm, Central
    Theresa Riel, Pima
    Daphne Rossiter, Mesa
    Shannon Ruth, GWC
    Kim Sonier, Coconino
    Joe Sueyoshi, PC
    Douglas Walker, GWC
    Chendge Wang, Dine
    Laura Watkins, Glendale